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    Rockbox Aluminum Series Trailer - In need of repair, sale or part out or fix?

    If you are still moving and can get to ABQ Nm I can help ya out getting it fixed. Cheers 505eight50three079
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    1985 4x4 ford van

    I believe this sold a few months back in ABQ for less than 10k. But the real entertainment is... if you look very close at the front suspension/steering the track bar is going the opposite direction from the drag link. Pass frame to driver axle. I remember looking at the photos closely a few...
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    2011 Jeep Wrangler Jk Unlimited rubicon

    Selling this for my mother in law. Clean, hard and soft top, 35s, etc. Specs and photos in the Craig’s link. Call txt or PM Located in ABQ Nm 505eight50three079
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    Maltec Toyota Explorer Series 7 - $158000 (Santa Fe)

    A friend of mine has a maltec camper 79 series, it’s top notch. That said, I agree with ram5500, Craig’s may not be the best location. Either way bump for a cool truck.
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    King / Fox shocks, where is the best source for custom valving?

    Accutune, worked with them for years!
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    TWO different sized FlipPac Camper shells for sale

    I have an OE torsion bar for the 5’ pac if you need, I’m sure can work something out. If you were closer I would come get that one...
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Forum name: 2000lj Name: Marc Call sign: W7GNN Location: New Mexico Radio: Kenwood handheld, bunch of old but good Heath kit.... (I couldn’t remember if I had posted here, so sorry if it’s a repost)
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    Damaged MAN Expedition truck

    Looks like the diesel brothers lot, what ever their company is. My only comment is 65k and it “may” have a title? Seems like a chunk to ask for a parts vehicle with no title, even knowing the new cost. Interior does look nice tho!
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    1994 Defender 300tdi (LHD) Left Hand Drive.

    The pesos offer takes me out, lol. I was going up to 100.00 as my final offer. Maybe the seller will come back and check on his post we keep bumping for fun.
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    1994 Defender 300tdi (LHD) Left Hand Drive.

    We are going up. $20.00. Lol
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    1994 Defender 300tdi (LHD) Left Hand Drive.

    $5.00 buy it? Post a desired price please.... Location?
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    AT Habitat 5' bed for sale

    I bet it will fit a gladiator, I have a 5’ flippac on my AEV Brute. They all are built very close to the same size.
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    WTB .. looking for front drive shaft. 1992 mitsubishi fuso FG , Reno, NV.

    Have you tried Tom woods custom driveshaft? They normally can make just about any driveshaft with just bolt flange dems and a length. I have no idea If they can but thought I would throw it out.