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    Snow Driving (paved road) tips - Gen3 Montero

    A lot of the prepping on how to drive in the winter depends heavily on where you are and how the local town handles the weather. Here in TN most towns don't have plows to speak of, so if we get heavy snow(for us) it means i'm airing down to get to work, solid or patchy ice means I'm installing...
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    Fiberglass camper top insulation ideals

    For the topper you could buy sheets of neoprene, it works extremely well at insulating, is easy enough to work with and can be applied with contact adhesive(be sure to test a spot before committing as not all will be compatible), or even a few dots of silicone adhesive every square foot if you...
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    2k quiet gendrators

    Here, all that I run in my truck, generators and equipment is ethanol free. Equipment and whatnot is fueled from a 300 gallon tank on site, my truck from the local shell station which has one dedicated pump and tank selling from the same supplier I get our business’s fuel from. They also supply...
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    How do you secure your trailer at home?

    I wired both my trailers to be plugged into extra zones on my home security system. Looks to the common thief like they are hooked up to battery tenders, if the circuit is closed when armed then the alarm goes off when the circuit changes state. Though if they back a truck that far down my...
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    How Do You Mount Your Fire Extinguisher?

    I use an Amerex aviation mounting bracket for my 5lb unit. More secure than the single strap it came with, slightly more robust and just as quick to action.
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    I bought an RTIC 45 over the weekend at the sale price, showed up Wednesday and I couldn't be happier for what it cost.
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    Serious question. Wood fired heat, hot water, energy?

    Aside from storage some wilderness areas have regulations against bringing in firewood due to invasive insects possibly being transported along with it.
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    Stackable vertical wall containers

    Have you seen the Dewalt TSTAK or similar? I've been transitioning tools and gear to them for a few months now, I like the sizes and they stack well IMHO. There are also larger Tough System cases that are more weather resistant.(I only have one of these for longer...
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    USB chargers?

    Replaced one of my 12v outlets on the dash with a blue sea USB charger outlet. Haven't looked back, it has been great.
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    How do I condition an AGM battery?

    My cteks have pulled far more batteries back from the brink than many here would likely believe paying for themselves several times over. I routinely deal with vehicles that have sat for years upon years and since acquiring my first ctek nearly a decade ago I have replaced ALL my chargers and...
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    What is the holy grail of camp cook books?

    My personal favorite though not available commercially says "Rock Island Staff 2002" on the cover and was a gift from the scoutmaster of a troop I worked with that summer at camp. It's a 30+ year collection of the troop's favorite camp foods, with much of it being dutch oven fare though some...
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    Window Tint - Pros/Cons/Opinions/Examples

    I run crystal clear(85% IIRC) ceramic tint on the front side windows and windshield anything behind the driver gets perforated vinyl. I've found it works even better than window tint at blocking the heat and adds quite a bit of security while still allowing me to see out.(if they can't see it...
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    VW People....Check in!!!!

    Replaced all the front suspension, wheels, tires, and alignment completed on the beetle since the last update. Have also installed a hitch, trailer brake controller, and airbags to augment the rear springs as needed. Still collecting parts and pieces for my westy.
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    VW People....Check in!!!!

    I stumbled onto the site while researching an engel/arb fridge for my '71 tintop westy I'm currently restoring for boondocking, but I am currently working on outfitting my '99 beetle gls for semi-frequent trips into some less than developed logging roads/trails around some property I own. So...