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    Safe way to mount fire extinguisher in cab?

    For vehicle extinguishers I typically try and find a 5lb extinguisher equipped with a metal valve with an available aviation mount. The aviation mount generally adds a second strap around the extinguisher and slightly stouter mounting bracket. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Battery Monitor

    I use CTEK sense modules to monitor vehicles parked more than driven, the wife’s car, and trailers. Pings my phone as I walk by if battery needs charge/attention. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Soft Bridal Strap For Sprinter Van?

    BA specializes in towing and rescue applications. While it’s good equipment for that purpose, I wouldn’t want the metal link as built into that strap if planning to use it in a dynamic recovery. In a recovery such as this with one vehicle pulling another forces are very different and should that...
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    Jerry Can holder help

    Well no, but NATO cans hold 20l of fuel which is approximately 5.3 gallons Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Discos going Solar.

    The second battery adds weight, management complexity, and frequent maintenance if you need to "top it up". A properly designed and installed solar setup should power the fridge and top up the battery WITHOUT NEEDING TO PLUG IN. My setup is designed to help me stay AWAY from needing electricity...
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    Discos going Solar.

    I bought a second battery, tray, and associated wiring for my previous FJ. Started watching the data from my VictronConnect 75/10 and found I just didn’t need it with the size of my solar array, the sun I get nearly daily in my part of the world, and the efficiency of my ARB fridge at the...
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    Gas - Plastic or metal

    The cans have to be air tight for reasonable storage of ethanol laced fuel due to it's propensity to absorb water so I only run nato quality steel or specter mfc. In canada mfc due to the ease of finding them and components in the US it will be wavians until I can slowly import enough new MFCs...
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    LandRover Disco shifts like manual random! Thoughts

    Known failure state in 4hp22 transmissions where the first gear sprague clutch fails blocking downshifting into first gear when in drive, but first gear can still be activated manually via the shifter. Ashcroft can upgrade theses critical bits upon rebuild with 4hp24 parts to avoid the same...
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    Hood Mounted Solar!!

    I have no idea if this company’s panels are designed as mine are, but I would hope that they are given the price. $500 would buy both my panels, the VictronConnect charge controller and a spare hood from the scrapper. lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Charging E-bikes from a 12v source - math check?

    You need to account for the loss incurred when converting to 120v and then back to 54v. Also keep in mind charging multiple bikes will multiply your needs by the number of bikes you wish to charge. Not saying ebike charging is impossible, just might require a larger solar array than easily fits...
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    Fuel Storage at Home?

    Piles of mismatched Jerry cans fuel dump style. Probably should weld up a rack for them or something. I was in a stage where I was very interested in the slight differences between Specter, Wavian, and Valpro options. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hood Mounted Solar!!

    Certainly a fine way to do it, but these panels run my fridge daily in the truck. They produce enough amps to run the fridge while charging the battery from running the fridge as needed overnight. They are originally designed to be mounted flat on sailboats and the surface texture is designed to...
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    Freeze dried hash browns - who else likes them?

    Chance no camping this year but the thread got hashbrowns on the mind. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hood Mounted Solar!!

    Love my hood mounted panels on the rover. Run even cooler than similar panels on my past FJ, I attribute that to the aluminum hood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Freeze dried hash browns - who else likes them?

    go by a restaurant supply store and find yourself an egg ring or two. we use them to make the eggs and hash brown cakes to fit on a breakfast sandwich work great take very little space in the kit.