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    FJ75 Troopcarrier from the Middle East

    You are running a big group even for a Troopy, good idea on the extra rig while things get sorted.....but at least you are getting the family out and that is all that matters. Those lady bugs must have been crazy to see in person.
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    Guess who's back!?! Atl-atl's K5 Blazer + Four Wheel Camper "The Crawlin Cabin" documentation thread!

    @Atl-atl well if you need a place to work on your rig after the house sells (depending on the new digs) let me know.. I don't have a garage but I do have a concrete slab and plenty of tools :)
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    Guess who's back!?! Atl-atl's K5 Blazer + Four Wheel Camper "The Crawlin Cabin" documentation thread!

    Not sure what part of town you are in but Tom K is the go to guy for 67-72 and I think most square body parts. He has tons of used and new for way less than LMC or anyone else 480-241-1318 Tell him 1 Leg Lance sent ya :) Keep that thing going, great stocker. Oh and after all the work I did on...
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    Fun Tuesday Outing

    I love random weekday much less pressure and feels more adventurous to just up and go... great pics also
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    Is 4x4 really necessary for a cabover build?

    With both of my vans 4wd was more about control and making sure I didn't get stuck. Rain during the night can really change a campsite or road as others mentioned. Hard sand with soft spots can stop you instantly. I am of the school of engaging all my levers and buttons BEFORE I need them rather...
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    K5 Blazer w/4wheel camper

    I see a bunch of rust that could make it a rough project if you dig too deep Best would be to just use and ignore
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    Ram air vs centrifical prefilter

    I ran a FACTORY Toyota snorkel on my 75 series Troopy and used the Donaldson centrifuge prefilter, it was great in our desert DUST. I never did deep water crossings but I could see the amount of dirt/bugs/dust in the prefilter and a couple of times I took it off and did a trail and there was a...
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    FJ75 Troopcarrier from the Middle East

    Absolutely we should meet up...and good to know about Riverview, loosing Murph at Camelback sucks... Good call on the Victron, I have used them on my last 2 builds and love the stuff.. Also if you ever want to increase your panel go with the residential size, cheapest per watt you can get and...
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    Ambulance Newbie (solving battery/power issues)

    When it comes to solar go with residential size panels...I have used them on my last 2 builds and since I have the roof size for 65x39in panels I am getting 300watts for under $200. A Victron SmartSolar controller works great with these panels for another $120 and the bluetooth lets you monitor...
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    Exped Megamat Duo 10 torn after zero trips

    I have used a number of Exped Megamats and any issues were my fault and they still took great care of me. I am super rough on the one in my van and it holds up great, that failure is a freak and I look forward to hearing how well they take care of you.
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    AdventureTaco - turbodb's build and adventures

    This blog so gets me through some days at work... between the quality pics and fun writing it is worth it every time Big thanks!
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    @Van Compass any thoughts about custom lower A arms? Something to give caster/camber adjustment? something that will allow better articulation? Every time I wheel my van or jack up the front I think about the soft stamped steel lower A arms and cringe. I am happy to pay extra for the 1st set as...
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    Fridge and Dust Issues?

    I have run fridges for over 10yrs and a couple times a year I will use either my on board air or one of the cans of air for computers to blow out any dust on the coils. I have never had any issues and I know folks with truck bed installs that are fine also.
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    Folding van camper furniture

    I really like that center table, so many uses the folding sink setup is pretty cool also And I really really like the folding shower!!
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    MG Metalworks Van Build

    Looks great and so nice to have the AC running, keep the updates coming