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    Need coolant diagram for 352a

    Thank you for your response and info. He did mention something about the impellors on these pumps wearing out. I will need to ask him a few more questions about it being an original turbo our not. He said the radiator did not have a cap and that it used an expansion tank as a fill point. but...
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    Need coolant diagram for 352a

    I have a customer that is having a over heating issue, problem is the truck is to far away for me to see what he has. He wants to add a second radiator. The truck is not used for expedtion but on a farm. Anyone have a diagram of the coolant system I'm not convinced that a second radaitor is...
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    Tell me I'm wrong

    sure look like 60/70 to me, you need to run the numbers on it or measure the ring gear
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    New 1999 GMC Yukon

    dude you go thru trucks like i go thru frozen burritos. :sombrero:
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    Ever see one of these?

    Very sweet, never offered from GM but they should have. :sombrero:
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    New 1999 GMC Yukon

    Nice Trade, but have you pulled a trailer yet?
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    1Leg’s 1989 Suburban

    Dual battery project done! The auxiliary battery tray is a modified battery tray out of a 1993 Chevy pickup. This was completed in about 3 hours of work. Tools used Tig welder, O/A torch, hand grinder, power drill and cut-off wheel. Fab'ed Battery tray. Z support leg Had to relocate the...
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    91 3/4 ton Suburban

    3/4ton, Overdrive trans, barndoors and utah, sure sounds like a dream to me and your living it.
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    Which electric radiator fan?
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    Say NO to Rock Auto.

    I still don't understand how someone couldn't hear that happen. From the look of it you would have heard it coming a mile away. Again people should turn the radio down sometimes.
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    Say NO to Rock Auto.

    I have had zero issue with all my purchases at RockAuto. You will find that most online part house will not send out new parts until they recieve the old ones back. It is pretty much standard business these days. I know nothing about discos but i have been doing brakes for over 20 years and...
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    Project MULE - Expedition build on a 1991 1500 4x4 Suburban

    How many feet of tubing did you end up using? Any idea about weight?
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    Looking at 92-99 Suburbans

    Although many of these engine and transmission have gone well passed 200K, I would think most mechanic will say that 200k is expected life for most. I would have no problem buying a truck with 175k if it is priced right. If you can get the truck for under 4000, then you need to drop a new motor...
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    opionions on a repower

    If you need more power then I would go with the CADDY motor. In my opinion the best towing gas motor ever built was the 472/500 inch CADDY motor. If you want something simple you could swap the intake on your buddies 454 to a q-jet manifold and have a fresher motor.
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    New switch, then do the head light relay upgrade. switch going out is pretty normal on these rigs. Also check all the wiring connections are clean and tight.