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  • No worries...like I said I'm not even sure I want to sell it. It's been a great camper. Enjoy the new camper!
    Are you still looking for a FWC Hawk?

    I've got a 2007 Hawk in immaculate condition I'm thinking about selling. I'm the second owner but it's been used very sparingly! I've got a 2012 Ford F-250 so it would fit your truck fine. In fact the original owner had it on a F150. It's loaded with just about every factory option that was offered then.

    To be upfront...I haven't decided 100% that it's for sale. I'm considering trading in my F250 on a Jeep JKU...which is the only reason I'm thinking about selling it.

    I'm in West TN.

    Welcome back!! :)
    Thats AWESOME! I was keeping up on your thread but fell behind. I'll have to catch up.
    Not sure when I'll be back out your way but I'll let you know when I am.
    hey dan which part of north carolina do you live in are you near asheville or what I can't remember i might be
    passed through that way stop by
    Hey 100acre....noticed you have several posts on the military trailers. I am seriously considering a m416 that is for sale on the portal. Wondering if you would mind looking at the post for me and give me your thoughts? It's the 416 for sale in Austin, Tx.

    I've seen it in person and it looks good. My hold up is that it's priced about as high as I've seen. I've made an offer and the seller is firm at his asking price.

    This is the only 416 I've seen for sale within a reasonable driving distance (it's 2.5 hours from me). So, I'm having a hard time letting it go.

    Would appreciate someone who knows these trailers weighing in, if you don't mind.

    We're headed out next weekend, going to try and get in some desert time before the heat hits. We'll spend all of May on the road (at least), but playing it pretty loose. We'll talk with folks at expo and if anyone has any enticing plans we might tag along. unless they leave in the middle of the night to avoid us. :)
    I was gonna leave the 1st of may and play around, but my dad is flying in on the third so now I gotta wait a little more. Then I'm headed down to Pensacola fla to pick up my buddy then off to moms in Louisiana and Texas to visit an old friend and then to the expo and 2-3 months all over the west exploring and prospecting.
    I'm looking forward to checking it all out. We're going to do the classes - my wife likes that sort of thing and I'm interested in learning more about border crossings, temporary vehicle importation, all the paperwork involved. Figure it is worth it to get some solid advice from people with a lot more experience than me.

    When are you headed out that way? We are leaving next Saturday (a week from today)
    Yup I'm going to the east expo as its not far from where I live and yes I'd like to check out the rendezvous as well. Hope you heal well. Dan
    I wish!! I just had surgery and will be down for a while. Financially it would be pretty steep, too. I went last year and had a blast. Im planning on doing the east coast expo in Oct as well as the Appalachian Rendezvous. How about you?
    Won't be making it this year. We just had twins so I can't leave my wife with 3 kids under 14 mo! She'd kill me.... I am looking forward to the east coast show in Oct, going all out for that one. Thanks for the offer, may take you up on that! --Chris
    Where can I find an annex that will fit a campinglab RTT. Also where can I purchase a snorkel kit to fit either a 2012 F150, & or a 1986 Chevy CUCV with a 6.2 diesel? Tanks
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