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    My DIY RTT Trailer build

    Looks good, well done!
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    Things to hate about a 2020 Tacoma...

    We love our 19, =but yes, the beeping is annoying. Dont forget to add beeping again when you get close to the road lines..and we fill it up at 1/2 tank. I do wish the range was a little farther.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Warranty is good up to 500lbs static load.
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    ttora4runner - 2018 Toyota Tacoma

    Looking good, every time we take ours out it impresses me more and more.
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    Ford just trademarked the Excursion nameplate, looks like it's coming back

    Oh man, I have been wanting one but didnt want a 6.0, I may have to look at one of these.
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    RTT on Over Cap Ladder Rack ?

    No experience, but general thought is you should be fine. What type of cap do you have? That rack supports 800 lbs, just double check your mounting dimensions for the tent itself. You may need some cross bars that dont look to be included that can be mounted on top of the rack. That may also...
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    2019 Ranger 5G Crew Cab

    Looking good so far!
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    Overlanding during the Lockdown?

    Go out and have fun, we went last weekend and camped at a ghost town. There were lots of people out, staying away from each other and enjoying themselves.
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    Nimbl Vehicles build thread

    Thank you. Will be interested to follow your build. I have not yet found something that will incorporate the adaptive cruise and forward camera.
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    Nimbl Vehicles build thread

    Looks good so far, if I may ask, does this truck have the adaptive cruise and if so did you eliminate it or relocate the radar module?
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    RTTs on Fiberglass toppers.

    I went with an ATC HD, it has no internal frame but a reinforced honeycomb roof. Works well.
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    Bug out challenge

    I dont know, with a virus outbreak, its not like there will not be running water or electricity. I get the supplies as we are a On Demand market and we will be reliant on trucking to deliver food and supplies to any community in any state. Sure, we can go out and hunt, but so will all the other...
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    Death Valley Introduction

    Loving the report so far, we just went in January.
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    Is There A Good Thread Out There Already for Bad Cooks?.......

    Get you some recipes and follow them to the letter. Whether it is biscuits and gravy or sausage and onion quiche. After a while you will be able to remember the recipes and modify to taste as needed. You can do a lot with just a few ingredients. Keep a little book of recipes and add to them...
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    Inexpensive vs. Expensive Winch

    Check out the Badland Winches from Harbor Freight, if you want inexpensive they are getting really good reviews. Their Predator Generators are awesome and compare to Honda.