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    Random RIG Shots

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    Best of 2011

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    Four Wheeler mag winch shootout

    Pays the bills
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    Monsoon Season in Arizona

    Mine was from my covered porch also. I didn't want to melt
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    Monsoon Season

    Thats the fun part of lightning. I took 110 shots to get 4 with lightning and only 1 good shot.
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    Roof tent mounting options on Nissan Xterra

    It can be done. Here is my truck with an aftermarket rack. Photo by Photoman
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    Trasharoo Question

    Here is a pic of a black first gen after about 1.5 years of constantly being on the truck in AZ. I did break a strap 2 weeks ago after driving on some washboard roads with it over loaded with wood. I have had this in Sun, Rain, Snow, Hail, from -5 degrees to 115 degrees. It has worked awesome...