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Iceland, to say the least, is an interesting place. Located directly in between North America and Europe, It’s likely the only place where you can go four-wheeling on a massive glacier, with the end goal of eventually ending up at an active volcano. It’s also one of the few places where you can find a smorgasbord of vehicles; as Iceland allows European Union, and United States specification vehicles onto its shores. That’s why Gísli Jónsson, one of the most experienced arctic drivers in the world, was able to choose a US-built Toyota Tacoma as the base for his glacier cruiser.

If you’ve checked out Overland Journal, or you know…Top Gear, you’ve likely seen the handy-work of Gísli. Whether it’s James May driving to an active volcano, or Jeremy Clarkson driving to the North Pole, Arctic Truck’s design has certainly been proven. Without a doubt, when it comes to fitting massive tires (which sometimes run as low as 4psi) to allow the vehicles to cross some of the slickest, iciest terrain in the world, their work is some of the best in the world. 

While in Iceland with Expeditions 7, Scott Brady was lucky enough to take a closer look at this massively-built Tacoma, check out the specifications, and the details of the build below. 

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Base car:                           Toyota Tacoma double cab AT44

Color:                                  Electric Orange 

Engine:                               V6 4.0L (TRD Supercharger to be installed)

Cooling:                              Standard + fender air channels.

Transmission:                   5 speed automatic

Transfer case:                  1:2.566 2H-4H-4L

Air compressor:               ARB heavy duty

Exhaust:                            Dual (62mm diameter)

Tires:                                  Low pressure, AT 405 (38 inch) or DC 44 inch

Wheels:                              15×14 or 15×16

Fuel cells:                           2x 45l. 1x 90l.

Front differential:            8.2″ 4.88:1 ratio, ARB air locker

Rear differential:             9.5″ 4.88:1 ratio, ARB air locker

Rear axle:                          Custom 9.5” housing with 30 spline axles

Brakes:                               15” disk front / disk rear

Front suspension:            Bilstein coil over + Bypass 300 mm travel, custom uprights and A- arms upgraded rack and pinion+ HD steering links. 1 ¾ turns lock to lock.

Rear suspension:             Custom 3 link HT springs Bilstein coil over + Bypass 600 mm travel

Chassis:                              Custom cromolly square tube frame, long travel suspension 40mm lift

Body work:                        Front, high clearance wheel wells. Rear, high clearance wheel wells. Glass fiber extended fenders, tubed front end, light weight rear bead.

Tow multi mount:             Front 50×50 Winch mount. Rear 50×50 tow hitch

Communications:              50W VHF radio, cell phone, Iridium Satellite Phone.

Recovery gear:                  Comeup Winch mountable front or rear, with Viking cable, pulleys + treesavers and shackles, snow anchor, 15 ton “Bungie”  tow ropes. 2 shovels.                                                                                                       General tools, Tire repair kit,

Vehicle Feature: Arctic Truck’s Toyota Tacoma

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