The Pin Project: Overlanding in a Suzuki Grand Vitara


We are a Greek couple that last April decided to give everything up, quit our jobs and start traveling all around the world in a 4x4 vehicle under the name “The Pin Project”. We have traveled a lot but not by car. In these terms, we promised to make our list bigger and put as many pins as we can in the world map, visit as many places as possible, live the adventure of wandering with our own means in unknown places for us, get away from the easy living, by any available means and trying to self-fund any idea that comes up. 

We are now 6 months on the road and we have crossed 11 countries so far (Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, South Africa). We have covered 13.000 km so far (we shipped the car from Ghana to South Africa) and we have experienced an amazing mix of cultures, colors, tastes and troubles as well.

Except our families and friends, we have the full support (mental and once financial) of the Greek Vitara Club which is a large community consisted basically of Suzuki Vitara and Grand Vitara owners.

Unfortunately, in our short visit to the Southern Most Tip of Africa, in Cape Agulhas, we have been robbed. They took all our essential stuff (passports, cash money, bank cards, cell phones, netbook, hard disks and so on). For the time being, we stay and work in Cape Agulhas waiting for our new passports to be re-issued.

After getting them in our hands, we are planning to drive up all East Africa till Egypt and then, with a short visit to our home country, head north to Norkapp in Norway which is the Northern Most Tip of Europe. 

Since it is a self-funded adventure and we only travel on our savings, we will spend plenty of time in several countries working and so experiencing the locals’ way of living.