Shrockworks Rear Bumper for 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner

With the 5th generation 4Runner gaining more notoriety in the 4WD world, we’re starting to see boatloads of new products coming to market that are relevant to overlanders and technical 4WD enthusiasts alike. The Shrockworks rear bumper and tire carrier not only gives you the additional protection you’ll need on the trail, but relocates your vulnerable spare tire from underneath your vehicle, to the back where it belongs.

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2013 Overland SUV of the Year: The 4Runner Trail Edition

Despite strong sales and a loyal following, the Toyota 4Runner has often played second fiddle to the brand’s pinnacle SUV, the much vaunted Land Cruiser. That platform however, is becoming increasingly genteel with refinements more suited to the ‘burbs than the backcountry, not to mention a sticker price pushing well north of $80,000. This, combined with the early retirement of the more approachable FJ Cruiser, has allowed the 4Runner to once again roll into the limelight. All of this is happening as if on cue with 2014 being the 30th anniversary of the 4Runner. As the Expedition Portal team sat down to review the automotive offerings of the past year, we felt it appropriate to bestow our SUV of the Year Award on the venerable 4Runner. It’s not much of a stretch considering it was our 2012 runner up for that same accolade.

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La Aduana: 2010 Toyota Tacoma Polar Concept

Snow storms gotcha down? Need a truck for a quick trip to your nearest pole? Have $175,000 burning a hole in your pocket? A quick trip over to eBay could be the answer to these woes. Before you is the Toyota Tacoma Polar Concept used in 2011 by Jason De Carteret to break a world speed record to the South Pole. His drive from Patriot Hills to the southernmost corner of the globe and back took but 39 hours at an average speed of 27.5 mph. Built around a 2010 Toyota Tacoma, there are too many unique modifications to list here. One of the more incredible is the system of fuel tanks placed around the truck giving it a 6,000 mile range. If you can afford a $175,000 used Tacoma, you can probably afford the $1,300 fill up at your local Texaco. It's a marvel of engineering and I have to admit, looks pretty sweet. With a 9 ton winch, 4 HD video cameras, and multiple GPS devices, your commute to work could be quite interesting if you get creative with your route.

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Toyota Officially Unveils TRD Pro Series

Yesterday we (along with a majority of the motoring press) reported that Toyota was potentially getting ready to launch a vehicle that would compete with Ford's wildly-successful SVT Raptor. That kinda happened, and it kinda didn't. Toyota did launch a higher performance version of the 4Runner, Tundra, and in addition, the Tacoma. Quite a few people are reporting that the TRD Pro Package is just an appearance package—and while there's certainly quite a bit of show—there's also quite a bit of go.

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