by Matthew Scott

You wouldn’t trust the safety of your 4WD and the people around you to a questionable recovery strap from a big-box store, would you? Then why would you trust it on your road-only going vehicle, or perhaps the vehicle or well-being of a loved one? It’s funny how unprepared most street going cars are when they’re the ones most likely to get into an accident or slide off the road in a winter storm. Luckily, Viking Offroad has put together an Emergency Tow Kit for Cars (169.95). Say goodbye to shady metal tow hooks attached to even shadier tow straps, the Viking kit provides a 30 foot kinetic recovery rope, two 5/8″ shackles, leather work gloves, and a reflective Made in USA gear bag. Pair this with some proper recovery training and you’ll feel a little bit safer about sending yourself or your loved ones out when the conditions get a little bit rough this winter.

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5/8″ x 30′ (9m) Tow Rope / Kinetic Recovery Rope; MBS: 14,800 lbs. (6.7t) (Made in USA)

Two 5/8″ Bow Shackles for cars, Zinc Plated, MBS: 42,000 lbs.

Leather work gloves (L unless otherwise specified) These are leather and stretch fabric for comfort

M2 Gear Bag (Made in USA)



Stuff, and Things: Viking Emergency Tow Kit for Cars

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