by Matthew Scott

Nobody likes to take a crap in the woods. It’s probably one of the biggest detractors of camping, and let’s face it, it’s a generally unpleasant experience—especially for those with less-than-stellar balance. There’s a few solutions on the market, but the majority of them require you to carry a now effluence-laden bucket with you—which generally isn’t the most pleasant thing you can put inside of a vehicle. But now there’s a Kickstarter campaign that’s aiming to solve a least a little bit of the problem, and it’s called the Strap and Crap. It’s literally a strap that helps you crap. It wraps around yourself and tree you’ve chosen to fertilize and helps to support you; there’s even little attachments for toilet paper and hand sanitizer. The video is a must watch. 


Check it out on Kickstarter. [link]

Hat tip to Sinuhe Xavier for sending us this. 

Would you use it?

Found on Kickstarter: Strap and Crap

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