by Matthew Scott

When you’re on the road your vehicle of choice is likely the safest place you have to store your gear and valuables. For the most part that remains fairly true, unless you happen to have a soft top…or a motorcycle…then your options become a little bit more limited. Although, even if you’re driving around in an armored tank, it still won’t do you much good when you leave the vehicle to go take a hike or explore the city. Remember, it only takes a second for someone rifle through—or worse, steal your bag all together while you’re staying at that affordable (and possibly questionable) hostel. Luckily for those who tend to be a bit more proactive about securing their objects, Pacsafe makes a variety of products that help to secure your portable luggage.

You’re looking at their 55L bag and backpack protector, which uses their innovative smart eXomesh cage system that not only keeps people from stealing your bag, but it also keeps them from stealing the important bits from inside it. The protective cocoon can be attached to any solid locking point whether it be your seat at the airport, the train, or even the seat of your motorcycle or a secure point inside your vehicle.

This particular Pacsafe is available in a 25, 55, 85, 120, and 140L sizes to fit almost all of your luggage. They also offer more integrated backpack options.

Check it out on the web here. [link]


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