by Matthew Scott

The first modification that overland enthusiasts often make to their vehicle tends to be some form of suspension upgrade, a heavy duty bumper, or perhaps a roof rack. At first glance, these may seem like important upgrades that should be performed to any vehicle travelling off-highway. However, they’re forgetting a key element of a properly prepared overland vehicle—safety. Yes, these small Expeditionware Transport Loops ($9 from Expedition Exchange) are a safety device, and quite a simple and elegant one at that. Properly securing your cargo is one of the most important precautionary steps you can make if you intend to carry additional cargo inside your vehicle, and it should be one of your first upgrades. The Hi-lift jack that is sitting unrestrained in your cargo area can quickly turn into a very heavy projectile if you were placed in a situation where you had to avoid an accident, or worse, were involved in one, on the trail, or simply on the highway.

Even though this quarter-sized piece of stainless steel doesn’t look like much, it goes to show how the simplest things can often be the most important, according to Expedition Exchange “It is more than strong enough to secure any cargo that you can lift.” It’s also bent on a 45 degree angle, with a roughly 15mm x 18mm lashing hole to ensure your tie down strap easy access. The Expeditionware Transport Loop is sold without hardware due to the large variance in which they can be mounted. However, they recommend a dome-headed stainless steel fastener for a clean appearance.

You can find them on Expedition Exchanges website here.

Photo courtesy of Expedition Exchange

Stuff, and Things: Expeditionware Transport Loop

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