by Matthew Scott


Ray Hyland also took a silly picture of these two knuckleheads.

I took a picture of an axle (it’s leaking, can you guess what kind of car it is?)

Chazz Layne took a tactical picture.

Bruce Dorn did something fancy with a camera.

I took a picture of people take pictures of people (possible taking taking pictures themselves.)

Scott Brady drove out of a bush.

…and then out of this trail.

I needed to get a nice butt shot in here too.

Ray Hyland took a picture from the hip.

Scott Brady wore a hat.

Bruce Dorn completely schooled us on photography.

“This is how I dance”

Scott Brady drove down some big rocks.

…while being serious.

Then I took this image of a Land Rover.

Bruce Dorn smiled, Scott Brady posed, Chris Collard worked.

Scott Brady drove up a small hill.

Ray Hyland captured photo evidence of Scott Brady attempting to run over Åsa Bjorklund.

I looked serious, for once.

I then immediately spaced out.

Chris Collard worked hard, again.

Chazz curled up into the fetal position “why no bacon??”

Scott Brady sez…”You da man.”

In all seriousness, Bruce Dorn and Chris Collard were nice enough to take us out and teach us a few things about proper photography techniques and lighting. You’ll be seeing images from this shoot trickle out over the next few weeks with a historical look at Scott Brady’s Land Rover Discovery.

So While We Were Supposed to be Working Today…

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Matthew Scott is a dedicated photographer, vintage car enthusiast, and regular contributor to Overland Journal. Growing up in Chicago in a family that valued “all things automotive” as much as exploring the region’s back roads, provided a solid platform for a career as an automotive journalist. He departed the Windy City in lieu of Prescott, Arizona, and the great open spaces and adventure opportunities of America’s Southwest. @matthewexplore