by Matthew Scott

For the traveler and athlete, grab and go eats are an essential means of staying properly fueled for a long day on the move. Food bars are a popular portable meal, but traditionally have been heavily comprised of grains, granola, flax, fruits, berries, sugars and strange whey isolates. It’s not a stretch to say many popular bars are little more than bird food, or worse, junk food. Now there is another option based on the same energy source that has kept humans going for more than 250,000 years—meat.

Based in Texas, a state with a carnivorous appetite, EPIC Bars are protein rich thanks to main ingredients like beef, bison, turkey, and pork. These meats are blended with spices, nuts, and other seasonings to create flavorful bars packing as much as 14 grams of protein, 190 calories, and essential supplies of folic acid, potassium, vitamin B12, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients. Gluten free with no added sugars, EPIC Bars are not just supremely tasty, they’re premium fuel for optimal performance. If that doesn’t win you over, try this on for size—the Bison bar’s second ingredient is bacon. That got your attention, didn’t it?

There’s more to the EPIC story than just smartly blended proteins in a delicious food bar. Founders Taylor and Katie developed a company ethos that balances equal respect for the land, animals, and the people they feed. The bison they use are 100% grass fed and certified organic by CCOF. Grass-fed animals are higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, which improves cardiovascular health and also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Grass-feeding requires fewer fossil fuels than lot-feeding, and is generally much better for the environment. Range animals are also happy animals, and as a result are pretty tasty.

Speaking of taste, EPIC Bars are made with simple recipes letting each individual ingredient shine. The Turkey bar contains almonds and cranberries with a hint of tandoori spice. The Beef bar is blended with cherries and habanero giving it a savory flavor backed with a touch of sweetness. The addition of bacon to elevate the leanness of the bison is simply fantastic. Each flavor is uniquely different and truly represents the character of the main ingredient. They’re delicious. It’s refreshing to see such thoughtful products entering the marketplace. Their success is bound to be truly EPIC.

Snack Attack: EPIC Bars

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