by Matthew Scott

Prior to the invention of the spork, it was totally acceptable for a spoon to just be a spoon—not also fork. It was acceptable for a cell phone to be just that—not a portable computer. Prior to the glorious invention of The Hot Doggers Hotdogger IV it was entirely acceptable for the engine of your car to be an engine, not the oven for your frozen burritos. But times are a changing, not only is it cool to have multi-function gear, it’s also trendy to be environmentally friendly. The Hotdogger IV kills two rare endangered birds with one stone by using your engines wasted energy (heat) to cook your meal, and saving you precious campfire (beer) time as you can cook while you drive. Yes, this simple device is going to revolutionize the way you travel—nothing says manly adventure like eating a burrito cooked via your manifold.

The revolutionary Hotdogger IV is a crossover product from the popular snowmobile industry where the effective use of heat is imperative in the cold climates required for the machines. It was initially designed to be attatched to a snowmobile engine exhaust manifold, but it quickly caught on with automotive enthusiasts of all sorts. Overlanders have long embraced the cult-like tradition tradition of manifold cooking, exemplified here in the Overland Chef section of the Expedition Portal Forum.

The Hotdogger IV is also the perfect tool for competing in overland cooking challenges such as the Iron Chef Showdown.

The simple non-frills design of the Hotdogger IV includes four integral components, a lid, cooking tray, manifold mount, and giant-ass hoseclamp. It’s pretty apparent how it all works, but incase there’s anyone here that doesn’t know how it would all go together, I’ll explain.

Installation of The Hot Doggers Hotdogger IV in 10 steps:
  1. Open box containing The Hot Doggers Hotdogger IV.
  2. Remove the manifold mount from the cooking tray and lid to separate the cooking package.
  3. Separate the lid from the cooking tray to reveal the giant-ass hoseclamp.
  4. Find a medium-sized Phillips screwdriver and walk towards your vehicle.
  5. Open the hood of your vehicle.
  6. Find a suitable location on your exhaust manifold to attatch the The Hot Doggers Hotdogger IV—consider the location on other hot components around The Hot Doggers Hotdogger IV. Remember, you will have to remove the cooking package when hot.
  7. Use the Phillips screwdriver to completely loosen the giant-ass hoseclamp.
  8. Wrap the giant-ass hoseclamp through the included manifold mount and use a Phillips screwdriver to begin tightening the giant-ass hoseclamp.
  9. Once tightened, practice safe removal of The Hot Doggers Hotdogger IV.
  10. Drive to gas station, purchase frozen burrito, leave on expedition. Eat frozen burrito.


Currently Hot Doggers is too cool to have a website, but if you’d like to purchase one of the cooking systems, follow this link to Amazon where they are sold for $38.55.

Don’t forget to join the Manifold Cooking discussion in the Overland Chef section of the Expedition Portal Forum. [link]

[Caution: Overt amounts of sarcasm have been used in this article]

The Hot Doggers Hotdogger IV

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