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A community-wide project of the Expedition Portal

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This is a repository of overland routes throughout the world. Each route will have one wiki-page, with one .gpx track file attached. These files may then be downloaded for use in your GPS or computer's navigation software, or for viewing in Google Earth or Google Maps.

Current Routes (by category)

ARIZONA:  Wickenburg to Crown King | Crown King to Prescott | Prescott to Jerome | Jerome to Flagstaff

CALIFORNIA:  Cajon Pass to Johnson Valley | Nipton CA to Potosi NV

NEVADAWood Canyon Spring | Three Towns Called Lee | Wheeler Pass | Transvaal | Bird Spring | Rhyolite to Tonopah | Nipton CA to Potosi NV


BAJA CALIFORNIA NORTE: Laguna Hanson | Mike's Sky Ranch

Route Submission

Please see this sample page for an example Overland Route. Currently, only select members may create new pages and/or edit existing ones. To submit a new Overland Route, send an email to info@expeditionportal.com. Please make sure it adheres to the format on the sample page or else it will not be considered for review.

Download the wiki template for use to easily ensure that your Route submission is in the correct format.
A tutorial on help with Creating maps in Google
GPSBabel is a great tool for converting different GPS file types into .gpx format.

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