by Matthew Scott

Auto manufacturers spend thousands of hours perfecting the handling of any given vehicle that they release. Detailed measurements are taken from a massive variety of tests and procedures that result in minuscule adjustments that often times cannot even be picked up by your average driver. Generally, this is why it’s so advantageous to keep your suspension geometry as close to factory as possible. Lifting your vehicle can drastically change your geometry and give your vehicle some un-wanted handling characteristics, so it’s important to be able to make adjustments. Old Man Emu has just released a few products to help to fine tune the suspension of your 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser even further.

Adding to their existing line of geometry alignment products, the front and rear adjustable panhard rods, and adjustable upper trailing arms (in addition to non-adjustable heavy-duty trailing arms)  help to reset axle location as well as your suspension geometry. The panhard rods and trailing arms have been finished with a black powder coat and constructed with 4140 alloy steel and premium bushings for a long service life.

Old Man Emu panhard rods can be adjusted off of the car, while the upper trailing arms can be adjusted while on the vehicle.

Available now for the 80, and 105 series Toyota Land Cruiser.

Front Adjustable Panhard Rod RHD Only TBD (Available early 2013) – #PANR007

Front Adjustable Panhard Rod LHD Only $297.99 – #PAN3050

Rear Adjustable Panhard Rod RHD & LHD $264.88 – #PANR008

Heavy Duty Lower Trailing Arms Standard Length $386.30 – #LTA3043

Adjustable Upper Trailing Arms 40mm On Car Adjustable $386.30 – #UTA3036 [link] [link]



Old Man Emu Releases Adjustable Panhard Rod and Trailing Arms for 80 Series Land Cruiser

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