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The Gentleman’s Adventure Club: Crossing the Nubian Desert

February 8th, 2016 On the shores of Lake Nubia, where Egypt meets Northern Sudan and the Nile River sat a tired old Land Rover, having rolled all the way from Scotland. Three young travellers, modestly self-titled ‘The Gentlemen’s Adventure Club’ were ready to board a barge for the voyage south. It was in the same seats two years previous, winding down the country road from Edinburgh to the Scottish Borders on one of many commutes to woodlands where we ride motorcycles in the… read more »

The Big Chill: Overland Journal’s Cooler Test

February 3rd, 2016 Electric fridge / freezers have become the rage in the past decade. Thy are efficient, don't require the regular purchase of ice, and will keep ice cream in its solid form in the heat of summer. However, the cold fact of the matter is that coming up with the $800 to $1,600 price tag may require sourcing a second job or selling your first born. Though I've had an ARB fridge / freezer strapped in my Toyota Tacoma for years,… read more »

The Last Land Rover Defender

February 2nd, 2016 It’s been a day 68 years in the coming – a day lamented by some, cheered by others, a day when the last Land Rover Defender, arguably the ultimate off-the-peg expedition truck, rolled off the production line. That day was Friday 29th January 2016, and at 9:15am UK time, the 2,016,933rd and final Defender, horn blaring and lights flashing, rolled onto the tarmac to a hall full of cheers, and not a few tears too.   The road to this… read more »

Switzerland to Mongolia in a D110 and Prado

February 2nd, 2016 I love my job. Each day I get to see an amazing adventure that someone has undertaken, a new beautiful country a traveler has visited, or an exotic destination that I have never heard of, and it all inspires me to wander. Although nearly every photo and video is exciting, I occasionally stumble upon one that is so wonderful it strikes a particular cord and leaves me with nothing but a burning desire to travel. Watching Milo's video for the first time did… read more »

Off-Road Auto News: The Rumor Roundup

February 1st, 2016 The last few years have been some of the more interesting in terms of automotive news relevant to the overland traveler. Concepts have been teased, production models axed from production, and the legendary Land Rover Defender was ceremoniously laid to rest just last week. Some say these are sad times with the average 4x4 succumbing to the urbanization of the world. Articulation and brawn are now less important than how easily a truck can be parallel parked, or how many… read more »

We Pay Tribute to the Land Rover Defender on Its Final Day of Production

January 29th, 2016 Today, after nearly 70 years, the legendary Defender will finally end production. There are few moments within the automotive timeline to weigh so heavy as this one. Perhaps the only other day to rivaled its significance was in 1948 when the first Land Rover Series I rolled off the line and into the annals of history. It would be an epic undertaking to chronicle all that has been achieved by the iconic 4x4 from Solihull. It has served as a farm… read more »

Evolution of an Icon

January 26th, 2016 It’s got too many doors. It’s not a real Land Cruiser.” “Automatic transmission? Power windows? Yeah not a Cruiser.” “Leather interior and auto climate control do not belong in a Land Cruiser.” “Heated seats, navigation, too many cylinders and IFS! Really? I’m done with Toyota. We can’t get real Cruisers in the US.” “Way too many electronics. Way too expensive. It’s not even a Land Cruiser anymore.” I’m not going to call Cruiser owners Luddites. Far from it.  Few hesitate… read more »

HJ75 Trakka Bushman

January 25th, 2016 There is no denying this fact; I have a serious passion for vintage Toyota Land Cruisers.  I bought my first vintage Toyota Land Cruiser in 2003, a 1987 FJ60 Wagon and have owned vintage Land Cruisers ever since.  In my opinion, a vintage Land Cruiser exudes utility, simplicity, and reliability.  It is these three fundamental characteristics that appeal most to my emotions. In 2009 I purchased my third vintage Land Cruiser, a 1980 FJ40 in nearly mint condition.  After spending… read more »

The top 10 must-have pieces of luggage

January 22nd, 2016 In my article Top 10 advice for new travelers, I ranked first advice to travel as light as possible. And I mean it. I can do without many things, even if they seem vitally important, and I can gratefully use something simple without complaining about lack of comfort or pretentious brand name. Sometimes I even wonder if I am a woman enough :) But that’s a different subject-matter. Anyway, even being a proud minimalist I would not miss a few… read more »

News: KC Pro6 LED Light bar

January 21st, 2016 It seems like the four-wheel drive world is pretty much saturated with LED light bars these days. Take a peak at just about any off-road magazine and chances are the cover will feature a lifted Jeep, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Nissan etc with any number of the things gleaming from the roof and bumper. Don't get us wrong, there are reasons for their popularity, but eventually the seemingly endless array of black rectangular boxes makes us ache for something new and different… read more »

Five Favorites: Overland Duffels

January 21st, 2016 They are the unsung heroes of travel, often enduring more indignities and hardships than they should. Serving to keep our possessions organized and mobile, the duffel bag is an ever present fixture of life on the road. From classic canvas to the modern hauler constructed to water-tight tolerances, today’s bags have much to offer, but knowing which variation pairs best with your individual needs requires careful evaluation. In an effort to isolate the finest duffels available to the overlander, we… read more »

Winter Wonderland

January 20th, 2016 Most people envision Arizona as a very large, and very hot desert. While this is true in many sections of the state, it couldn't be further from reality in places like Prescott, Flagstaff, and the Mogollon Rim. You won't find Saguaro cacti or ocotillo plants here, but rather towering pines, tall grass, and cool crisp winds. In cold months this high country can turn into a winter wonderland, and this past week it did just that. With record snows in the forecast, the… read more »