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36 Hours of Adventure: Rim Rendezvous

July 24th, 2014 I’m sure it was already over 100°F/37°C when John and I tossed the last of the gear - and Bodhi, his Jack Russell Terrier - into the back seat and pulled away from his house that Friday morning. Despite being long term Phoenicians - and both driving trucks with AC issues - we were dripping with sweat and ready to get moving. This trip had been a long time coming and we were eager to get back to the “secret”… read more »

Field Tested: The Mummert Knives Phoenix Stove

July 23rd, 2014 It’s been a few months since we first took delivery of our Mummert Phoenix wood burning stove and due to a very kind winter, as in virtually spring-like since Christmas, we’ve had ample time to put it to good use. With the real spring right around the corner, we feel it is time to give the Phoenix a proper mid-term evaluation. Before we dive into the performance details, it’s probably best to start with a proper introduction to the stove… read more »

Ambling About Minnesota’s Iron Range

July 23rd, 2014 Amongst the mosquitoes and lakes, the logging roads and the OHV routes that double as snowmobile trails in winter, the dispersed camping, the infrequent forest-maintained vault toilets, with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area just to the north and the largest freshwater lake on earth a short drive east, settled quietly alongside the conifers and horse flies of Minnesota’s Iron Range, sits The Trestle Inn (   It’s just a bar, I know. But it’s a bar with a burger called… read more »

36 Hours of Adventure: Bill Williams Mountain

July 22nd, 2014 Summer brings many things in Arizona; long days of sunshine, relentless heat, monsoon rains, and of course plenty of adventures. With the recent drought thrown into the mix and weeks since our last 36 hour excursion, Chazz Layne and I decided to grab the girls and head for the hills. The plan was simple, pick up some cold drinks, easy food, and head for cool weather. Looking at the map we quickly found a route leading out of Chino Valley, up Perkinsville… read more »

The Worst is Over Now

July 22nd, 2014 As overlanders, we often make a conscious decision to leave the comforts of pavement and seek out risky roads and trails. We spend hours pouring over maps, planning routes, addressing logistics - the least of which are water, fuel, food, shelter. We read trail reports and scour forums and buy more gear to make things either more doable or more comfortable. When the time comes we leave behind the pleasures of “civilized” life for the pleasures of a well-organized overlanding… read more »


July 21st, 2014 The latest addition to Schutt Industries' line of severe duty consumer trailers, the XVENTURE XV-2, further expands on the capabilities of the XV-1 with new features and accessories. Most notable among the new options is the 7.5-foot Chef's Galley, complete with three-burner stove, commercial-grade hot/cold water tap, and plenty of work space. Also new to the XV-2 is the Truxedo Flush-Mount Top, a lockable hard tonneau cover which can be folded up from either end to access cargo, or removed completely (a Velcro-attached… read more »

Jack of all Trades

July 21st, 2014 There are towns in the world that shine as frontiers for overland travel: Moab, Ulaanbaatar, Maun, Arusha, Perth. There are other examples, but they all have something in common: superb 4WD vehicles outfitted for true function. Walk down the streets and you see the the different makes—Toyota, Land Rover, UAZ, Jeep, Mercedes, many you didn't know existed—and the local nuances of preparation: tire choice, roof racks or no, bull bars or no. Winches? Sand mats? All this you compare to… read more »

Travel Style: Traverse or Immerse

July 20th, 2014 This being Expedition Portal, we interact with a sizable audience of travelers. We publish their stories, draw on their first-hand expertise, and simply enjoy hearing of their adventures from around the world. We are also––travelers ourselves and as such we travel by way of our own chosen means to destinations we feel speak to us. Going one step further, we each have our own style of travel. We’ve all heard that somewhat corny phrase about the journey being the destination, but is… read more »

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting a Sleeping Bag

July 19th, 2014 With only a handful of exceptions, the sleeping bag is one of those pieces of gear almost every overlander needs to have in their inventory. Whether you slumber in the luxurious confines of a rooftop tent, or out in the open on bare earth, a sleeping bag is often the only thing between you and chattering teeth. Although most sleeping bags look much same, there is a tremendous difference between bags if evaluated across a wide spectrum of features, materials… read more »

Dirt, Dust, and… a Craving for Chicken Tikka Masala?

July 18th, 2014 I have just spent over a month with the newest Sportsmobile, and the vehicle had an unusual effect on me: a persistent craving for Indian food. Why? Because every time I got inside my first thought was, Taj Mahal. Furthermore, after a few hours in this 2008 E350, my wife Stephanie, Overland Journal’s director of design, had practically adopted the vehicle, making some mention of decorating in French country with toile curtains. Obviously the change from traveling in a compact pickup… read more »

Featured Vehicle: Jeremy Williams’ G500

July 17th, 2014 Ever since I received my learner’s permit many many moons ago, I’ve been fanatical about European vehicles. Seventeen of my previous vehicles have been German cars, the outliers being a lifted ‘72 Chevy pickup in college called “The Pumpkin” and more recently a few Mercedes Geländewagens.   My passion for European vehicles eventually led me into my dream career. My brother and I own a European automotive facility and we enjoy every minute of it. However, successful business ownership is… read more »

Peering Through a God’s Eye

July 16th, 2014 I’m alone in Moab, Utah, eating a rare steak cooked over a wood camp fire. I can hear the Colorado river rushing fast and deep, just fifty feet away from me. It’s dark, but starlight outlines the vertical red rock walls that tower above me as my cook fire flickers in the warm dry wind, illuminating the canopy of scrubby trees that form my camp. Staring into the flames and eating the flesh of a large animal, as countless men have done… read more »