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The Top Ten of 2016

If you've been paying attention to social media or the news, it seems like 2016 has been the worst year ever. It's true, the past 12 months have had more than their fair share of disappointments and tragedies, but there was also plenty of good news buried in those massive, steaming, piles of bad. For example, the populations of several endangered species including tigers and pandas began to rise, India planted a record breaking 50 million trees in one day, a peace deal… read more »

Sierra Snow

There are certain events that trigger an irresistible urge to dust the summer grime off our rigs, load up the Gore-Tex, and head for the hills. This is usually sparked by reports of an early fall storm, and in a moment we find ourselves dropping commitments, honey-doos, and feeding the dog. In January, after two years of drought, news of fresh powder in California’s Sierra Nevada had us heading for the Gold Country town of Grass Valley for the Winter… read more »

Field Tested: Dometic CFX-50 Fridge/Freezer

If you attended any of the overland expo events this year you likely saw the Dometic name splashed across their large event truck. Well established players in the marine and RV industries, they’re making a big push to sink their teeth in the overlanding world, and we’re all for it. With the prices of many 12V fridges soaring well past the $1,000 mark, value options are few and far between. The Dometic CFX-50 stands out as one of a few unbeatable… read more »

Field Tested: Yokohama Geolandar AT G015

My plan was to drive to Colorado, I was meeting family in Telluride to celebrate the holidays. Before I left, I was asked by Discount Tire and Yokohama Tire to review the new Yokohama Geolandar AT G015, an all-terrain tire that was built to handle every situation you could throw at it. I decided to turn this trip into a full on tire review, testing the tire from the desert Southwest, up into the high rocky mountains. Basil's previous set… read more »

A Look Back at 2016

Well, it has certainly been one crazy year. Twelve months ago we were still scrambling to plan our adventures for 2016, and now in what seems like an instant they've come and gone. We took on South American jungles, cruised African back roads, made multiple trips to the Arctic, and somehow managed to find time for weekend trips in between. It was a year packed with new vehicles, fun reviews, and most importantly new friends. So now as we move forward and begin to plan again, we're taking… read more »

Adventure Photographer: The Super-Selfie

A few years ago while teasing photography advise out of friend and photo guru, Bruce Dorn, I asked him about the relevance of the selfie. I posed the question sheepishly because in our modern age just the word itself has become a pejorative, inextricably tied to unabashed self promotion. I was relieved then when he assured me that there are times when the selfie is a valid image capture. When the story demands the subject be in the frame, but there’s no… read more »

Overland Alaska: Atlin, BC – Glaciers, Lakes, and Mining Roads

It’s not what many overlanders want to hear, but aside from the challenges presented by winter snow, the vast majority of the roadways to and through Alaska are easily traveled in a Honda Civic. When people ask me which vehicle I think is most ideal for a trip to our 49th state, I’m quick to suggest a Mercedes station wagon with a big bag of snacks and a huge playlist of tunes. The reason for this is simple enough. Alaska… read more »

Travel tip: Mixing Engine Oil

After fighting muddy trails and sandy washes for three days, you roll into your planned supply stop on fumes. It's a speck of a town, but the neon glow from the lone petrol station is a comforting sight. As the fuel starts to flow you begrudgingly remind yourself to be responsible and check the oil. The hood comes up and the dipstick shows... uh-oh. It looks like days of low range and spinning tires have taken their toll, your oil supply is… read more »

Five Off-Road Driving Basics for the New Overlander

Driving any vehicle onto unimproved roads is not something to take lightly. Many variables, seen and unforeseen, can conspire to stymy forward progress or damage vehicles and the occupants within. While there are an endless number of techniques and skills to be learned, much of it only through hands-on time behind the wheel, there are a few general basics.   Air down When the going gets rough, the best way to maximize your ability to overcome the challenges ahead is to reduce your… read more »

Landcruising Adventure: A Glance into the Lives of Paraguay’s Mennonites

Coen turned into a driveway and parked underneath a huge mango tree, its shade transforming the patio into a pleasant retreat from the blazing sun. An elderly man walked up to the Land Cruiser and in Low German Coen explained who we were and why we were there. Yes, our directions had been correct: the man was Frans, the mayor of the settlement we had been looking for.   Little House on the Prairie in Paraguay I got out of… read more »

Long Term Field Test: La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX

The truth of the matter is, this review is woefully overdue. I first unpacked my La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX boots just over a year ago and only days before a trip to Nepal. I literally plucked them from a box and tossed them into a duffel bag. When I saw them next I was in Kathmndu and lacing them up for a week long trek into the Himalayas. The whole thing was a recipe for debilitating blisters, but the blisters… read more »

36 Hours of Adventure: Hills and Hydrolock

"Give it another crank!" he yelled pulling the remaining piece of the exhaust from the bike. The other man pressed the starter once more causing water to spew from the pipe, this time accompanied by a loud clacking. Not good. We had been here almost an hour, and it seemed this dual sport was about as close to starting as when we'd fished it from the river. Not that we were surprised by that fact. The owner had entered the crossing with far too much… read more »