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Uro-Camper teams up with Viajes-Tara

The Volkswagen T6 4Motion is a strong platform that adapts well to expedition style travel. An optional two liter diesel, 4Motion four wheel drive, and a respectable 1600+ kilo payload, these little vans have all the important boxes checked. There are several different iterations of the VW T6 available from a standard cab "truck" with factory aluminum ute bed, the California camper, and the workhorse of the fleet: the Transporter. Like most vehicles, the T6 Transporter can benefit from a… read more »

Field Tested: Strongback Elite Chair

While walking the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, a guy at the Strongback booth lassoed me from the crowd and confidently said, “Hey man, sit in this chair.” I paused and asked what made his chair different from the dozens I’ve used. His response, “It won’t wreck your back.” I took a seat. Although I like flop-like-a-sack-of-potatoes sling-style chairs, the Elite’s wide stance, firm back and seat, and lumbar support captured my attention. The frame is engineered with… read more »

2017: What Does the Coming Year Hold for Overlanding?

It seems like every year magazines and websites take a nostalgic look backwards at the year when frankly, it really wasn’t that long ago. To shake things up a tad I thought I would consult the seer, give my two-pence to the sage, and peer into the murk of a crystal ball. As the new year unfolds, what does it have in store for overlanding? Automotive news to watch If the last year offered teases of new vehicles, the next… read more »

Touratech Unveils Enduro Bike Concept Called the R1200GS Rambler

There has been a lot of buzz as of late around new motorcycles and hot concepts. Most of the latter are interesting enough, but none of them are quite as tapped into the adventure vibe as Touratech's project built around a water-cooled BMW R1200 engine and chassis. It's a beautiful machine sure to resonate with many a dirt-crazed big bike rider. Without repackaging the press release, it's probably best to just hear this news straight from the horse's mouth. Without further ado...    … read more »

Show News: The 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

This year’s annual Outdoor Retailer Winter trade show lived up to its namesake with attendees forced to brave heavy snowstorms to get to the venue in Salt Lake City. It made for an appropriate backdrop to an event aimed at next year’s fall and winter offerings within the ever growing outdoor market. As we have observed in the last few years, overlanding continues to be a growing theme, albeit without being specifically called out as such. Spend anytime talking to… read more »

From the ExPo Vault: Is your overlander overbuilt?

It would be safe to say overlanding in America, at least under that specific designation, is still in its relative infancy. It wasn’t until recently that many off-road enthusiasts began to convert their 4WD trucks from weekend play things into platforms for extended travel. You can count me amongst the many who took inspiration from the impressively built trucks traversing the Outback of Australia or pushing through the tall grass of the Serengeti. Shortly after acquiring my Land Rover, I… read more »

Westx1000: It’s Never too Soon to be a Snowbird

“Do you guys live around here?” We’ve heard this phrase quite a few different times since we arrived in Arizona. After some pause, an awkward smile and comical facial contortion, our response is always “sort of…?” Because, yes, we’re “new” to whichever area we’re in at the time, but in Arizona, from October to May (ish) we’re locals. Then we leave for some place less akin to an oven, and come October, we find ourselves back in Arizona, new again.… read more »

Visit Canada’s National Parks for Free in 2017!

2016 marked the 100th year of operation for America's National Parks, but as the new year rolls in we find ourselves ready to celebrate two more anniversaries, this time with our neighbors to the North. The first is Canada's 150th year as a nation, a milestone it will recognize with festivities ranging from dancing to naval parades. The second is the centennial celebration of their National Parks, for which they've gone above and beyond to encourage tourism. How you ask? With completely… read more »

Beyond the Truck: Hiking 465 Miles of the Baekdu Daegan Trail (South Korea)

“I’m happy,” I said to Coen as I took in the view of forested mountains with jagged peaks pin-sharp against a cobalt-blue sky. I stood in a wilderness so vast it rang in my ears and could still not really believe we were actually here. “Please remind me of this when one of these days I will have had it with hiking,” I added. Maybe it was a remark more addressed to myself. We had just started our hike and… read more »

Ford Bronco and Ranger Return to US Market

Ford just made some big waves at the Detroit Auto Show by announcing that two legendary platforms will be added back to the North American lineup. In 2019 showrooms will once again be graced by the mid-size Ford Ranger Pickup, followed closely by the legendary Bronco in 2020. Although we had suspected this might be the case after a United Automobile Workers representative let a rumor slip last year, we're excited to see the formal announcement by Ford in Detroit. Details… read more »

Buyer’s Guide: Traction Mats

  Spend enough time plying the road less traveled and you will eventually get stuck. While there are innumerable ways to restore forward momentum, one of the least complicated is the use of recovery boards. Some people call them sand or traction mats and should they be strong enough to span a small ditch, can even be dubbed bridging ladders. Regardless of what you call them, they’re a good thing to have when your wheels begin to spin in place. Although… read more »

Fifth Element Camping

When I first fell in love with mountain biking I was living in San Francisco. Before too long I found myself spending more and more time driving outside of the city in search of new trails. The drive to ride time ratio was becoming a problem, not to mention my bike was crammed in the back seat of my 1991 Nissan Maxima. I knew then that I had to find the perfect vehicle for camping and hauling my beloved bike… read more »