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National Park Vandals Strike Again

People are terrible. Not all of them obviously, but for the people who recently vandalize the iconic Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park, the word terrible doesn’t do them justice. Sometime within the last few weeks vandals drove onto the playa leaving behind miles of tire tracks in the delicate soil. Because this part of the park sees very little moisture, geologists lament that it could take years, probably decades, for the damage to be naturally reversed. For those of… read more »

Landcruising Adventure: Why Bring a Hammock Overlanding

“What? Are you kidding me? I’m not going to lug that thing around on the trail,” I exclaimed. In preparation of our ten-day hike in Torres del Paine, a national park in south Chile, we had laid out all our camping gear and separated it into two piles: one for the essentials and the other for if we’d have room left in our packs. Marty had just tossed his gift to us – a colorful, double cotton hammock from Mexico… read more »

Fall Boot and Shoe Roundup

Overlanders are outdoor people. As such, we tend to be rather particular about our footwear. At the recent summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah, I spent some time looking over the options best suited for our type of backcountry adventuring. As we’ve mentioned before in previous footwear reviews like the roundup we compiled in the 2013 Fall issue of Overland Journal, boot and shoe choice varies wildly from one traveler to the next. I tend to need something that not… read more »

Capetown to Cairo: An Airstream Caravan Takes On Africa

Although many have come to recognize the Airstream as an icon for the American nomad, few realize just how far these trailers have reached beyond our borders. Back in the 1950's the company's founder, Wally Byam, was on a mission to inspire fellow trailerites to see the world, and he began by planning a trip from Texas to Nicaragua along the Pan-American highway. Although it began as a small group of friends, an article by the Los Angeles Times had soon… read more »

Trail Tested: Kuat NV 2.0 with Rak Attach Swing-Out Mount

Last month we published one of my biggest review projects of the year, a comprehensive roundup of hitch racks. At the exact time I was wrapping up the testing phase, Küat released their updated version of their venerable NV rack called, not surprisingly, the NV 2.0. I finally got my paws on that new product and although I’ve only had a month to evaluate it, I have to admit I’m quite impressed. I first started using the original NV rack… read more »

Morocco in a 1975 Rover P6

Ignoring hard lessons learned from his previous adventures on the African continent, Ben Coombs planned his next trip to Morocco perched upon a stool inside his favorite house of creativity, a British pub. Squinting through the proverbial beer goggles, he perused a thread of adventure-mobiles provided by the Ebay app on his smart-phone. His mission, to complete a “two week trip to Morocco, to cross the High Atlas Mountains and explore the northern fringes of the Sahara”. It was there,… read more »

Reminiscing at the Relic Run

Have you ever wanted to go away for a weekend and reminisce about the good old days of metal bodies, big block motors and leg warmers? If that is the case than the ExpeditionUtah Relic Run is the perfect event for you! The idea behind this historic run is to recreate the feeling of travelling back prior to 1989. While the age of the vehicle is the only real requirement it is not uncommon to see tents, eskys (coolers), clothing… read more »

Airstream’s New and Improved Basecamp Trailer

Even if you’re not into the travel trailer thing, you probably still have an appreciation for Airstream. Since the 1930s the unmistakable sleek and polished shape of the Airstream has evoked romantic images of life on the road. They’re also not cheap or everyone would probably own one. Although Airstream has offered a number of compact and price-minded trailers in the past, they hope to spark a new following with the re-release of their Basecamp trailer. At a shade over… read more »

Scootering Gets Adventuresome

I’ll be the first to admit, I love scooters. When my wife said she wanted a Vespa I jumped at the chance to wiggle one into our driveway. As fun as it was, and as frequently as I used it to trundle down a few dirt roads here and there, I never thought of it as anything more than a fun put-around. Honda has always been apt to see the potential of foot-forward motorcycles as evidenced by their popular Ruckus scooter.… read more »

Full-Size Overland: ExPo’s Diesel Excursion Project

What is the ultimate overland vehicle? Plenty of people have voiced their opinions, but from Defenders to Jeeps their responses couldn't be more diverse. Out of everyone I'd say Jonathan Hanson was the closest when he wrote "The best overlanding vehicle is the one you already have", but it still left something to be desired. In my opinion the ultimate overland vehicle isn't always what you own now, but whatever fits your needs best. For some it really could be that iconic foreign four-wheel drive, but for… read more »

VOTD: Yeti Coolers Presents Cosmo

This video has absolutely nothing to do with overlanding or wheeled travel. That doesn't make it any less awesome. If you never wanted to fly fish before, you will now. read more »

Overland Vehicles of 2017

By now most manufactures have made all of their big announcements, updates, and new product launches for the 2017 model year. There isn’t much for big news to report, but one thing is becoming painfully clear; the SUV is for the most part a thing of the past. If that line sounds familiar, it’s because I think I’ve written it before. As it has been for the last few years, the crossover is king and off-road aptitude even less of… read more »