Steve McQueen: King of cool.

Steve McQueen reviews his favorite motorcycles.

Some people grew up with Batman, or Superman as a hero. I never really liked that idea; there was something not cool about a guy wearing tights. Luckily the King of Cool, Steve McQueen was my hero. Even after his death, McQueen is still an icon. In his day, he was quite the motorcycle rider.

Here's an review McQueen did in 1966 for Popular Science Magazine, comparing some well known motorcycles.





Want your own modern interpretation of a Steve McQueen bike?

Check this out.

Triumph is working with the Estate of Steve McQueen to produce 1,100 special edition motorcycles. Inspiration for the motorcycle is drawn from the movie The Great Escape; the production bike will include a flat green paint scheme, a stenciled Triumph logo, and a solo seat.

Link - Triumph

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