by Matthew Scott

This 1995 Land Rover Discovery isn’t like anything else currently on the market in North America. Not only is it the desirable 1995 model year, it also features a rare 5-speed manual gearbox. That’s all fine-and-dandy, but none of it really matters in comparison to the 200Tdi turbo-diesel engine that replaced the unreliable-at-best factory 3.9L V8 gasoline engine. Prior to being installed into the North American Specification (NAS) Discovery, the ex-MoD 200Tdi engine was resealed and said to be “very tight.” The seller is careful to point out that it is a 17 year old vehicle and “it is not in showroom condition and will have minor defects such as minor scuffs and dings as well as minor interior imperfections.” We feel that it looks pretty clean, and has already been fitted with an ARB Bull Bar and corresponding heavy duty springs.

There’s a few things that will need to be sorted to bring the truck to “100%” including re-connecting the glow plugs and fixing a “small” power steering pump leak. While it does have a clear title, it is branded as a “Lemon & Manufacturer Buyback” we think the rarity of the conversion and resulting excellent fuel economy make up for it.

The Discovery is located in Westhampton, MA.


A full-coverage rubber floor mat set is also included.



Manual cloth seats and a 5-speed manual gearbox remove some of the electronic complexities the Discovery is known for.


It also appears to be nearly rust-free; a rare thing for East-coast based vehicles.


You can check it out here on eBay Motors. [link]



The Land Rover was a southern truck and has no rust to speak of. The body is very clean as well as the under carriage. The 200Tdi is geared with a 5 speed manual gearbox. The 200tdi is a xmod resealed unit and is very tight. The transmission shifts like butter and has no issues. It has an ARB winch bumper and heavy duty springs to account for the extra weight. The brakes work good and has upgraded vented disk rotors all around. Has the full coverage rubber mat set installed. Currently the glow plugs are not hooked up but everything is there if you wish to do so. I’ve never needed them as the truck has always started right up even when it’s below freezing. The power steering pump has a slow drip but not enough for me to have ever needed to do anything about. I intended to keep this vehicle for many years but my increasing need for a pickup truck has had me driving my new F250 and has the discovery sitting more than driving and I think it’s time to let it go. The title is clear but does state the it was bought back from the manufacturer when it had roughly 25k on it. Must have been that damn V8 :) .Please email with any questions. This is a 17 year old vehicle, it is not in showroom condition and will have minor defects such as minor scuffs and dings as well as minor interior imperfections.

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