by Matthew Scott

Can anyone guess what happens when you combine a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible, 1967 Ford Bronco, 302 Windosr V8 and a red, white and blue paint job? Pure America, that’s what happens. You also end up with one of the most um…interesting cars you could drive around the world—ever. Seriously, could you imagine the looks you’d receive driving the Pan-American Highway through Central America with this? The seller claims that the Broncostang is an excellent daily driver with it’s 302 V8 and 3 speed automatic transmission, and the vehicle even features a chrome luggage rack on the lid of the trunk, therefore instantly making it appropriate for overlanding.

With four days left on the auction, the vehicle is floating around $5000 with no reserve. Start the new year off with some jest and show up with this baby to Overland Expo 2013 and I’ll be sure to not only give you a free adult beverage of your choice, but also serenade you with your favorite Micheal Bolton song.

Find it here on eBay Motors. [link]

Here’s what the seller had to say about the Broncostang:

Very good driving 1966 mustang convertible on a 1967 4-wheel drive bronco chassis. Mileage is unknown. This car is an excellent daily driver. 302 motor. 3 speed transmission, lock out hubs, top 3 years old, newer bumpers, door panels, top boot. Brakes redone including power booster. Email or call 4068808936 with any questions.


The Broncostang is even outfitted with a luggage rack.


It’s already outfitted with steel wheels and BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires.


The 302 Windsor V8 is known for power and reliability.

La Aduana: Bronco + Mustang = Broncostang

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