by Matthew Scott

In an amazing display of fortitude, ultra-endurance sensation Jay Petervary has crushed the Itidarod Trail Invitational record crossing the line in just 2 days and 19 hours. This 350 mile race from Anchorage to McGrath along the famed Iditarod Trail is a test of the human spirit. Racers can chose to cover the distance on foot, skis or by bike. Given the recent popularity of fat-bikes, the wheeled variant of this race is getting highly competitive with many of the world’s best ultra-endurance riders toeing the line.

This year’s race saw favorable snow and weather conditions for a record breaking effort. Early on in the race an elite group formed and moved at speeds never seen before in this even. Approaching the halfway mark, gaps began to from between the riders with a small clutch of riders escaping off the front. Jay Petervary continued to drive a relentless tempo arriving at the line well under the three day mark.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jay Petervary, he’s a genuine freak of nature. Speculation runs deep as to what makes Jay capable of these insane feats of endurance. Maybe his central nervous system is simply fried and he can’t feel the pain. Maybe he’s a robot. Could be he’s just that good. From the Tour Divide to the Race Across AMerica and the Colorado Trail Race, Jay has conquered them all. In fact, he conquered them all in the same year in 2011. Freak of nature. He’s a beast on wheels. From all of us at ExPo, congratulations, Jay!


Jay Petervary Sets New Itidarod Trail Invitational Record

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