by Matthew Scott

But earlier this week something interesting happened. The first algae-derived fuel arrived to consumers—a B20 blend featuring 100% algae-derived SoladieselBD at select Propel gas stations in California and Washington. Algae, yes the icky green stuff that hopefully isn’t in your drinking water can create oil in the same way that corn can—but not many people are eating algae (remember corn is a food, and there are starving people.) It’s also quite efficient to “grow” as it only requires salt or brackish water, and the last time I looked at a globe there’s a whole lot of that. Unfortunately it’s for diesel vehicles only right now…just one more reason we need more diesel vehicles….

You can find more information on Soladiesel BD here [link] and Propel locations where you can purchase it here. [link]

What is your sustainable solution to reduce our dependency on oil? How do you integrate that into your overland vehicle and your trips?

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Interact: Fuel Made from Algae Arrives at the Pumps—Could This Be the Next Step?

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