by Matthew Scott

We’ve all had some pretty lame excuses for not showing up to court. Perhaps your car broke down, or you had a cold—maybe you even had to work. But just imagine the thoughts going through the head of the Inverness Justice of Peace Court who handled expedition badass Ranulph Fiennes case: “Sorry your honor, my client is in Antarctica. Crossing it. By foot…he couldn’t make it today…” Doesn’t it just make your excuses (and life) sound relatively lame? Sir Fiennes initially denied the charge, but was asked to appear in person at court. 

It was later revealed through court documents that Sir Fiennes later changed his plea to guilty. 

Any guesses how fast the 68-year-old, who has been dubbed the greatest living explorer, was going on the A9 near Daviot?

98mph in a 70mph zone.

Go Ran. 

He is currently crossing Antartica by foot on his Coldest Journey Expedition, which will see tempertures of -70C, in hopes to raise 10 million pounds for the Seeing is Believing charity.

More information on The Coldest Journey can be found here. [link]

via BBC News [link]


Expedition Badass Sir Ranulph Fiennes Fined for Speeding in UK While Crossing Antartica by Foot

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