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Skid plates or can holders that is the question…  Adventure Trailers’ Heavy Duty Fuel/Water Can Holders are tough, very tough.  Made from 10 gauge, powder coated, galvanized washed steel, they can handle whatever you can dish out.   Since most expedition equipped vehicles get very poor gas mileage due to the altered aerodynamics and increased weight, increased fuel capacity is a requirement.  Sometimes the locations of fuel stations are just out of range and require the capability to carry more fuel, and to reduce the aerodynamic inefficiency of placing fuel cans on a roof rack, many vehicle dependant travelers mount military fuel cans to their vehicles or trailers.

The angled sides provide support and security for standard 20 Liter NATO size containers. Adventure Trailers HD Can Holders securely hold the cans in places with a 10 gauge matching steel strap to retain the tanks. The strap connects to the top of the holder and is predrilled to add a lock to the unit.  [FIG6] Through Adventure Trailers engineering, a hinge-less strap securely holds the can in any mounting position using a bend to act as a spring to hold the containers in place.  [FIG7]  Short of stealing the vehicle, these tanks aren’t going anywhere.

The holders come with eight 3/8” predrilled holes to allow for numerous mounting options. [FIG8]  When mounted in the vertical position, it is not possible to combine two holders back to back to utilize one lock; however, it could be done by just widening the hole on the strap by just a fraction.  Unlike other can holders on the market the 10 gauge steel showed its strength in the various mounting positions by remaining solid with out bending or warping.
Fig 8

Fig 8



As a trade off to the outstanding roughness of these units, they weigh a bit more than the average can holder.  The holders alone weigh 19 pounds, 24 pounds with an empty Scepter can, and 68.2 pounds almost full.

Overall, one should not hesitate to mount these holders to an expedition trailer or any vehicle.  If the holders were mounted on a rear bumper it would be no surprise to see these units survive a rear end collision.  Knowing that the holders will withstand the trail ahead, and that they will be there for ages to come, these become a valuable asset for your next trek.  





+  Heavy Duty, Rugged Unit

-  Weight

+  Security

-  Unable to mount back to back

+  10g Powder Coated Steel


+  Unique Styling

+  Nearly Unlimited Mounting Options

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