by Matthew Scott

When it comes to required gear, you wouldn’t really put a camp table up against a recovery kit or a winch, would you? Granted, when the time comes, having a winch would certainly be a little bit more life or death than a simple table. It’s natural to focus on the items that will get us out of trouble and keep us safe—and it’s the right thing to do. However, I’d venture to say that during any given year, you’ll end up using your table more.  As a veteran of a few too many camp dinners eaten off my lap, or if I was lucky, a Pelican case, I’ve decided maybe it’s time to look at adding a bit of comfort to the trip. If you’re in the same boat, Eezi-Awn’s new K9 Roof Rack Table might just fit the bill. 

With a direct line of design between the K9 table and National Luna’s refrigerators, it’s easy to see why the tables look so familiar as several of the components and manufacturing processes are shared for both units. The polished stainless steel top, which is dimpled not only for texture and looks, but for strength, is surprisingly strong giving a welcomed sturdy but lightweight feel to the unit. The stainless top is wrapped around an aluminum frame to which the black powder coated aluminum legs are connected, using stainless braces and hardware to keep up the lightweight, but sturdy feel.

The entire idea behind the K9 Roof Rack Table is that, well, it mounts below your roof rack. At just under 2-inches tall including the mounting brackets, the Table Mounting Kit takes care of that wasted space between the rack and your roof. Quite honestly, as tables aren’t something you need taking up that precious real estate inside your vehicle, it’s the perfect place to store it.   

The powder coated stainless steel channels are lined with outdoor carpet to allow the tables to slide in and out easily, and to keep down any possibility of annoying rattling noises. They even incorporate the rounded edges of the K9 Roof Rack Table into their design, ensuring a secure fit. Whether you desire to carry the largest size table into the backcountry, or if you prefer to carry three of the smaller sized tables, one mounting kit does it all. 

Available in three different sizes, with overall weights ranging from just over 7 lbs for the smallest size, to 17 lbs for the largest model. I feel the table offers a great size to weight ratio, which is important as the last place you’d want to put a heavy load at is the highest point of your car. 

Eezi-Awn’s tables compete hand-in-hand with the other overlanding big boys in the market, blowing away any of the collapsable aluminum units that are more suited for a weekend trip to a campground in the family mini-van. With prices ranging from $180 for the smallest size, to  $320 for the largest, and $220 for the medium sized unit, you’d certainly expect them to be of a much higher quality and Eezi-Awn doesn’t disappoint. 

Available from Equipt Expedition Outfitters, for full dimensions and specifications, visit them on the web. [link]








Eezi-Awn K9 Roof Rack Table

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