The American Overlander: Made in the U.S.A. List


It’s almost assumed these days that the products that you buy in the U.S.A—even if they’re from “American” companies, are probably made somewhere else. You can’t really be blamed for the assumption, after-all, we do live in an age of international trade where the consumer is constantly demanding more for less. Luckily there is a resurgence of American-made products—and it’s especially noticeable in the in the overlanding circle we call our own. No matter if it is a hand-built bumper for your Toyota, a quality pair of leather boots, or an innovative winch, knife,   or flashlight, more and more overlanders are choosing to buy American. 

At Expedition Portal, we love quality-made, innovative products no matter where they’re produced. Being an American-based company, sometimes we can’t help but to appreciate those in our industry who also produce their products right here in America. That’s why we’re starting a new column, The American Overlander, which will begin to highlight those products and companies relevant to the overland market. In addition to highlighting American-made goods, we’ll be touring factories to give you an inside look at how it’s done. 

We’re starting The American Overlander with a list of companies who are making a good majority of their products right here in the United States. While information and manufacturing does change, we hope this list is constantly evolving and continues to grow. We will count on submissions from our readers in the comments below. 

Made in the U.S.A. Overland Equipment:

Addictive Desert Designs

Adventure Medical Kits 

Adventure Trailers Overland Equipment


Aluminess Products

American Expedition Vehicles

Benchmade Knife Company

Benchmark Maps

Black Dog Cycle Works

Blue Ridge Chair Works


Coleman Outdoor Gear

Columbia Overland

Danner Boots *

Darn Tough Socks


Field Notes


Hammarhead Industries

Hi-Lift Jacks

iDC Photo Video

Interco Tire


Kermit Chair Company

Leatherman Multi-Tools

Lucky8 LLC

Mac's Custom Tie Downs

Maglite Flashlights

Mission Workshop



Nitro Gear & Axle

Pelican Products

Poly Performance

Princeton Tec

RCV Off-Road Performance

Red Oxx Manufacturing

Red Wing Shoes *

RTE Welding and Fabrication

Schutt Industries X-Venture Trailers


SmartWool Socks *


Springbar Canvas Tents

Streamlight Flashlights

Surefire Flashlights

TimBuk2 *

Topo Designs



Triple Aught Design

Voyager Off-Road Roof Racks

Warn Industries 


*Select products produced in U.S.A.

For a more American-made goods list with a human-powered, outdoor emphasis, check out

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Update 3/24/2013: Thanks for the huge amounts of feedback and suggestions, I'm in the process of vetting some of those companies as we speak. I am also starting to denote which companies only produce a few select products in the United States, please keep in mind that this information is constantly changing. 

Please make suggestions below.