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There are almost too many choices out there today when it comes to roof top tents. Luckily for you, we’re such good chaps that we decided to make things easy by creating a list of your possible options. Check them out below.


ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer of 4×4 and overland accessories with an international presence in more than 80 countries around the world. Known best for their iconic air locking differentials and bull bars, they also produce a full line of vehicle accessories from recovery gear, to roof racks and roof tents.


ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent




Autohome imports the Columbus and Maggiolina lines of roof top tents. They’re noted for a sleek, aerodynamic hard shell design which is available in a variety of materials from carbon fiber to fiberglass.

Columbus Variant

Small 1.3 M

Medium 1.45 M

Large 1.6 M

XL Small 1.3 M

XL Medium 1.45 M

Columbus Carbon

Small 1.3 M

Medium 1.45 M

Maggiolina Air Top

Carbon Small 1.3 M

Carbon Medium 1.45M

Black Storm Small 1.3 M

Black Storm Medium 1.45 M

Maggiolina Airland

Small 1.3 M

Medium 1.45 M

Large 1.6 M

Small XL

Medium XL

Maggiolina Extreme

Small 1.3 M

Medium 1.45 M

Maggiolina Grand Tour

Small 1.3 M

Medium 1.45 M

Large 1.6 M

Maggiolina Carbon Fiber





If you’ve seen an old Land Rover Series on an expedition then you’ve likely seen a Brownchurch roof rack. Not only will the company help you prepare your vehicle for an expedition, they can do it with their own products which include roof racks, awnings, roof tents and more.

Overlanders Tent 2000

Overlanders Tent 2001

Camping Lab


Camping Lab is a US distributor of affordable roof top roof top tents and expedition equipment.




Serengeti 63″ x 94″

Serengeti 79″ x 94″

Trailer Tent


Cartop Camper


Enthusiast owned, Cartop Camper started when the owner was continually being asked by family, friends and co-workers where they could find such a tent. Cartop Camper was started to provide an affordable, quality roof top tent.

2-Person PU coated Poly Tent

2-Person Poly Cotton Tent

3-Person Poly Cotton Tent

2-Person Private Entry Tent

3-Person Private Entry Tent


Cascadia Vehicle Tents


CVT, or Cascadia Vehicle Tents is based in Bend, Oregon and has a wide range of roof top tents and overland accessories for your vehicle. It’s worth noting that they rent roof tents and fully equipped trailers out of their Bend facility.

Mt. Bachelor

Mt. Hood

Mt. Shasta

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Baker

Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens Solar Powered



Mojave Road 10758

Based and manufactured in South Africa, Eezi-Awn has been making roof tents and overland accessories such as awnings and recently roof racks for nearly 30 years. They are popular enough to be sold almost all over the world.

Series 3

1.4 M Wide

1.6 M Wide

1.8 M Wide

2.2 M Wide


1.4 M Wide

1.6 M Wide

1.8 M Wide

2.2 M Wide

Globe Traveller and Globe Trotter


Front Runner Vehicle Outfitters


Front Runner parts are made with pride in South Africa with the very latest materials and manufacturing technology. Known as a leader in the industry worldwide, they also have offices and distribution centers in Australia, Europe, and the United States. Front Runner produces a comprehensive array of innovative overland-centric products from roof racks, to water storage solutions transform your vehicle into the ultimate adventure machine. 

At under 8 inches tall, Front Runner’s Feather-Lite Roof Tent has a low profile and is built with 400D Oxford tent fabric and an insulated aluminum base to keep you comfortable in a variety of situations. 

Feather-Lite Roof Tent:




Hannibal is located in Cape Town, South Africa, a town that knows a little something about overlanding. They’ve been in the business of 4WD accessories and roof tents for over 15 years and also manufactures roof racks, awnings and various 4WD kit.


Classic with Shower Skirt

Classic with Jumbo Fly



The Impi


Howling Moon


Based in Africa, Howling Moon has proven itself over 30 years of the best abuse the continent has to offer. The company also offers a wide variety of other overland accessories and a selection of dome and frame ground tents built for heavy-duty use.


Deluxe 1.2 M

Deluxe 1.4 M

Deluxe 1.6 M

Deluxe 2.4 M


Tourer 1.2 M

Tourer 1.4 M

Tourer 1.6 M

Tourer 2.4 M


Stargazer 1.4 M

Stargazer 1.6 M

Stargazer 2.4 M


Ironman 4×4


A major player in the Australian 4WD scene, Ironman offers a complete solution for those looking to get themselves lost in the Outback. From Suspension kits to bull bars, drawers, snorkels and fridges Ironman 4×4 likely offers a product for you. 

Ironman 4×4 Rooftop Tent




Mombasa manufactures roof top tents and awnings for overland use, currently their website is down, to view products we have found Columbia Overland to be a good resource.

RTT 9007

RTT 9008

RTT 9009


Roost Tent

Roost tents offers a different solution to the usual roof top tent. The low profile hard shell design sets up in less than 30 seconds and lend itself well for use on not only 4WD vehicles, but cars as well.

Roost Explorer

Roost Sportsman


Roo Systems


Available in Australia, Roo Systems is a popular 4WD outfitter. Their roof tent it is built with rip stop canvas and includes a changing room/annex as standard.





Founded in Santa Cruz, California, Tepui sells roof top tents to a variety of consumers. The company is named after the word for a table-top mountain or mesa found in the remote Guiana Highlands of South America, meaning “House of the Gods.”



Kukenam Camo


Gran Sabana




TJM is a major Australian manufacturer of 4WD and overland accessories, their line includes bull bars, snorkels, suspension systems, winches, racks and more.




We’ve done our best to include everyone with the launch of the Buyers Guide, but we will need contributions from readers and manufacturers to ensure complete coverage. If you’re an enthusiast or manufacturer and you would like to suggest a company be included, feel free to email us.

Buyer’s Guide: Roof Top Tents

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