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Sirocco Overland: Through Senegal and the road to Dakar

There was a mix-up at the border crossing. There, I said it. To this day I still can’t recall what we were actually thinking or exactly how it happened. Rule number one in overlanding... always ensure your paperwork is in order. We skipped past about 100 trucks queued up on the embankment road and followed the GPS directly to the Mali customs building. It was busy but we managed to get the carnet stamped out of Mali. We asked about… read more »


The usual way to scare off bears on North American hiking trails is by wearing a bell. Seriously, it sounds as if it may as well be a dinner bell. Tilin-tilin! Here I am! Tilin-tilin! I’m fat and juicy! It’s absurd. Personally, I prefer to walk in the woods singing Austrian mountain songs. It’s creepier and less embarrassing.    “Do you know the best way to avoid being eaten by a bear?” Anna, my travel partner, asks right after scaring… read more »

La Aduana: Steve McQueen’s 1952 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck

He was arguably the one of the coolest individuals of his, or any other generation. Revered by men of all ages for his motoring exploits on two wheels and four, Steve McQueen was a legend long before his last day, which came all too soon. Over the years, various vehicles once belonging to McQueen have popped up at auctions across the globe. Few are as unique as his 1952 Chevy pickup fitted with a custom camper. And if you act… read more »


The one quality I appreciate most about a manufacturer, beyond making a good product, is their willingness to listen to customer feedback and continually improve the product based on that feedback. Jackwagon Off-Road is just that kind of company: when we returned the first trailer JR spent the afternoon chatting with us about our ideas. A week later he invited us to swing by and check out the new improvements. You already know how we feel about towing the Basecamp—here's our take on packing and camping… read more »

Featured Trailer Build: Midog’s Base Camp

It's that time again for us to look at another cool and drool worthy build from Expedition Portal's forums. With all the awesome threads in the trailer section, it can be hard decide what to feature, but this builders attention to detail and ingenuity made him a clear choice this time.  The idea stemmed from an owner who needed a LARGE hard walled off-road trailer like those in Australia, but couldn't find one to suit his needs.  He based the design… read more »

Field Tested: Fenix HL25 Headlamp

If I had to put money on it, I’d wager that almost every overlander owns a headlamp. I know I’ve owned dozens over the last 20 years, most of them produced by a brand I’ll just say rhymes with the word––pretzel.   Earlier this year our Overland Journal editorial team started discussing the idea of compiling a review of headlamps and that in turn got me looking into the market’s current offerings. One of my mountain biking friends, a paid… read more »

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