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Field Tested: Remington 1816 Brimsdown Quilted Jacket

The American West circa 1875 was a time of promise and peril, of cowboys and Indians, cattle drives and homesteading. The plains were home to thousands of buffalo and the scars of the Civil War were still raw and healing. This was the year the Yavapai and Tonto Apache tribes were marched from their homes near the Verde Valley of Arizona to the Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Events that would lead to the Battle of the Little Bighorn where Custer… read more »

Field Tested: Vasque Arrowhead UltraDry

With winter’s grip fully wrapped around portions of the country, many of us are digging out the snowshoes, taking on wintery hikes, or just hoping to do our best to keep our toes warm and cozy. This has lead us on a search for the year's best winter boots, and one of our favorites is the Vasque Arrowhead UltraDry. As the tester for these boots, I admit they held peculiar appeal. The styling is a dead-ringer for a pair of… read more »

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van: Improvements for 2015

The Mercedes Benz (MB) Sprinter van is an albatross of a vehicle. Not only is it extremely long (the 170” wheel base model is 24’ 1.2”) it’s also extremely tall at a slight tic over eight feet (8.03 ft) -for the High Roof model.  Just to put that into perspective, the van is as tall as the ARB 2500 awning is wide. So who cares? We already know this is, and it’s the same as it was last year. Well,… read more »

Featured Vehicle: 2001 Land Cruiser KDJ95

It goes without saying that the more than 100,000 members of Expedition Portal have quite a collection of fine trucks. ExPo member johanso of Sweden recently completed the build of his 2001 Land Cruiser, and with his wife at his side, has already used it to embark on a host adventures including a trip through Sweden, Norway and Russia.   Johanso was quick to point out that the mission with his build was to add only the necessary modifications needed… read more »

Overland Kitchen: Allan Karl’s Fattoush Recipe is Ready for the Road

When San Diego resident Allan Karl found himself at a fork in the road of his life: out of a job and alone, his marriage recently ended in divorce, he decided to sell nearly everything he owned and set out to pursue his passion and follow his dream. He hopped on his motorcycle and spent the next three years traveling around the world–alone.    Karl’s new book “FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection” chronicles his 62,000 mile journey… read more »

Traveling Iceland read more »

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