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American Overlander: Frost River Voyaguer

It was at about this time last year when I published a review of the Frost River Navigator bag. Made in America and constructed of waxed canvas with finely tanned leather accents, it instantly became one of my favorite finds of the year. I quickly added the Skyline Rolldown Satchel to my collection as well as an Accessory Bag and Rollup Travel Kit. You see where I’m going with this. I have a bit of a Frost River habit forming.… read more »

VOTD: Red Bull Kamaz in Finland read more »

Deadwood and the 2016 KTM Rally

I wouldn’t consider myself much of a rally rider.  I have been to Sturgis a couple of times and have enjoyed the endless amounts of twisty two lanes that dissect the badlands much more than the beer guzzled in the establishments looking to make a buck.  However, my father has enjoyed the event for years and I have tried to fit in and ride along for that father-son bonding time. Fast forward to 2016, KTM hosted their off-road rally in… read more »

Field Tested: FlexoPower Atacama 79 Watt Panel

"They're a great alternative to dual batteries" Werner explained, "and they'll keep a fridge running for days." I'm sure I looked slightly strange at that moment, eyebrows raised with a mixed look of skepticism and surprise, but this is not what I had expected a representative of Flexopower to say. You see usually manufacturers are positive when presenting us with their products, but they are always careful not to promise too much. Werner on the other hand seemed very confident, and he… read more »

ARB Releases Two Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Every driver, no matter what they drive, knows proper tire pressure is essential. It ensures maximum efficiency, performance, and prolongs tire life. More importantly, it’s paramount for the safe operation of any vehicle. For the driver venturing into the sticks, airing down is a must, but at those lower reaches of PSI, there isn’t much margin for error. Knowing exactly how much air is at all four corners, in real time, is important. Most modern vehicles have some type of… read more »

National Park Vandals Strike Again

People are terrible. Not all of them obviously, but for the people who recently vandalized the iconic Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park, the word terrible doesn’t do them justice. Sometime within the last few weeks vandals drove onto the playa leaving behind miles of tire tracks in the delicate soil. Because this part of the park sees very little moisture, geologists lament that it could take years, probably decades, for the damage to be naturally reversed. For those of… read more »

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