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Head to Head: Hard Shell vs. Soft Shell Roof Top Tents

Overlanding and roof top tents go together like peas and carrots. I could expound on the benefits of sleeping on your roof, but suffice it to say it is a common solution, and given the number of new tents on the market, is gaining in popularity. For the would-be roof top tent buyer, the first of many purchasing decisions is whether to by one of the dozens of soft shell tents on the market, or to take the hefty financial… read more »

Gear Scout: LED Lenser SEO 7R

Over the last several months I have been evaluating many of the newer headlamps to hit the market. While many of them have been rather uninspired additions to an already crowed field, a few have stood out as impressive discoveries. The SEO 7R from LED Lenser falls into that latter category. With a maximum output of 220 lumens at five hours of burn time, and a minimum of 20 lumens at a burn time of 40 hours, the SEO 7R produces… read more »

2015 KTM Adventure Rider Rally

The air is thin above 9,000 feet. Labored breathing becomes common; drawing long breathes as you climb a short flight of stairs, or push your Adventure bike around the corner. But this lack of oxygen and extreme elevation also provides breathtaking (no pun intended) views of the surrounding mountains, making you feel ever-so-small as you stand in awe amongst the jagged peaks that surround the small Colorado town of Crested Butte. And this, I presume, is why KTM chose to… read more »

Why 4x4s Are Better In Australia

Australia is filled with poisonous shit that’s constantly trying to kill you. But it’s also filled with the world’s best four-wheel drive vehicles. Yeah, basically everything the little off-road enthusiast inside of you has ever wanted is here. And I just moved here in order to drive it. We’ll start from smallest to largest. Suzuki Jimny You could compare the Suzuki Jimny to a mini-horse. It’s a proper four-wheel drive with all the correct bits in the right places, just… read more »

Field Tested: Spyderco Squarehead Folder Titanium

In an industry rife with similarities and subtle nuances between products, it is refreshing to see the occasional departure from the norm. That said, different isn’t always a good thing, although it sure works for Spyderco’s Squarehead Folder. At only 2-inches long when closed with a small 1.3-inch blade, the uniquely shaped square blade is made from high quality CMP S30V powder metallurgy stainless steel. Powdered metal is not to be confused with other powdered products like say, Tang. Powdered… read more »

What Happens When You Press the SOS Button?

A few years ago I wrote an article for Overland Journal reviewing the best personal locator beacons and satellite-based emergency communicators on the market. Not all too much has changed since then with regard to the products and services available, but I continue to get questions about which system I recommend, why, and what my experiences with these units have brought to bear in the years since that first editorial. I get questions about battery life, coverage areas, features, but… read more »

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