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The Rebelle Rally Report

Many of us long for adventure—the opportunity to grab a friend and hop into that four-wheel drive sitting in your driveway and head into the unknown. Enter the Rebelle Rally, the first women’s off-pavement navigation rally in the U.S. and ultimate test in self-sufficiency, created by Emily Miller and presented by Hoehn Motors. A total of 72 competitors making up 36 teams assembled from four countries gathered on October 13, 2016, to set off and explore some of the most… read more »

Last Minute Gifts Under $50

Good gifts don't have to break the bank. Below are a handful of items we've found over the last year, all of them great toys to get or give.   Orange Screw Ground Anchors, $7-$22 The Orange Screw could be classified as the world’s best tent peg but that would do it a great disservice. Strong and well designed, it has innumerable applications beyond securing tent corners. Made of recycled polycarbonate and available in 9 and 12 inch sizes, these… read more »

Toy Run to Uncle Tom’s Cabin

As Old Man Winter blankets fall color with fluffy crystalline flakes, our thoughts gravitate to snow runs, sipping coffee by a warm fire in a rustic mountain cabin, and for many of us, Christmas. If this vision finds you reaching for your keys and a thermos of steamy joe, we suggest you turn your wheels toward historic Georgetown, California, and join Overland Journal for the 3rd annual El Dorado Jeepherders Christmas Toy Drive. After dropping off toys at the Jeepers… read more »

Kawasaki’s Versys-X 300 Might Just Be What Adventure Riding Needed

If you’re looking to travel overland by motorcycle, the options have never been more plentiful, but they’ve never been more expensive either. And as the adventure segment continues to grow, the bikes also continue to grow. It’s not unusual to see a 500-pound unloaded machine with a seat height fit for only a giraffe gracing the Starbucks parking lot. With a huge segment of riders not skilled enough—or quite simply not tall enough—to handle the massively tall and heavy adventure… read more »

Finding Adventure with Defenders, Snowboards, and Sailboats

As four-wheel drive enthusiasts, we tend to focus on the vehicle aspects of overlanding most. We review various accessories, discuss the merits of different trucks and suv's, and of course showcase some the many great trails you can take them on, but not every adventure should confined to the driver's seat. It's important to remember that getting out and experiencing the world around you is the most important part of any trip, and you should seek out new experiences whenever possible. In Forrest Shearer's case,… read more »

Colossal 2016

There are 4 different weather websites that I frequent to obtain the most accurate prediction of the skies before heading out on a journey. Not that one has proven to be more accurate than the others, but somehow I seem to favor the one showing signs of clearer skies. As if 3 of the 4 predictions are wrong and there really is a glimpse of sunlight to be had for Colossal 2016. It’s something I can irrationally average in my… read more »

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