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Overland Inspiration: Taking the Leap of Faith

Society tells us to be cautious with our lives and live by a set of rules laid out for generations. Work hard in primary school to make it to college, work hard in college to get a good career, work hard in your career to make it to retirement, and once you're grey, then you can enjoy life. If we are honest with ourselves, many of us don't fit this mold. We dream of a life on the road, finding new… read more »

Field Tested: The EFOY GO! — An Overland Power Pack

Time to switch the approach to autonomous electrical supply: our dependence upon electricity to power lighting, equipment, refrigeration, communications, etc. cannot be ignored. Solar is not practical in every hemisphere, even less so when the skies are clouded. A generator is cumbersome, noisy, smelly, uses valuable fuel reserves and (if positioned out of earshot) prone to theft. So what’s the alternative?   Fuel cells and lithium-ion power packs sound like unobtainable technology, a portable power system best reserved for NASA… read more »

A2A Expedition: How can you afford to travel the world overland?

Back in 2011, while planning our cross continental overland journey, we came to the realization that we would most likely exhaust our resources in the pursuit of our dream. We were faced with a difficult decision to either commit and continue, or play it safe and abandon the idea completely and head home. If we did that, we could continue running our successful immigration firm and undertake month long trips once a year with regular camping trips to keep the overland addiction… read more »

Overland Expo West 2016: The Mobile Abodes

Overlanding in its many forms is in a constant state of flux. A few years ago the all-terrain trailer was at its peak popularity. This year's Overland Expo proved that the live-aboard platform is gaining momentum with an increasing number of manufactures and travelers choosing to package their home and wheels into one mobile abode. Although the Unimog, Unicat and Earthroamer are lust worthy things, they are massive in size, get single-digit fuel efficiency and fetch eye watering prices. The… read more »

Overland Expo West 2016 Day 2: Two Wheeled Adventure

Every spring, like a swarm of bees, they descend on an open meadow outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. They are the adventure riders of Overland Expo. With tags and stickers designating states from coast to coast and far beyond, they have come from thousands of miles away, their riding suits often sullied and, as I know from my own riding experience, probably a little ripe smelling. As they have done every year since the first Overland Expo, they showed up in… read more »

Overland Expo West 2016: Day 1

It's been just over a year since "Snowverland Expo", and to say this event is back and better than ever would be an understatement. The weather is warm and sunny, the crowds are bustling from booth to booth, and the smell of food and sounds of laughter are in the air. We walked around and shot just a few of the great vehicles in the vendor section today, and feel strongly that it might be the most impressive showing yet. From… read more »

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