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Getting Involved in Your Community

Regardless of the vehicle you choose, chances are you love to explore with it. Your spare time is spent wandering back roads, traversing bike trails, and experiencing new sights and challenges. As overlanders, we tend to wander but we also aim to do good as we go by being environmentally and socially responsible. A big part of this is getting involved with great organizations like tread lightly, which encourage the responsible use and preservation of our land. These efforts ensure that the natural wonders of our world… read more »

Expedition Portal’s Community Forum Surpasses 100,000 Members!

Created in 2005 by Scott Brady, CEO of Overland International and Publisher of Overland Journal, Expedition Portal began as an online forum for people interested in vehicle-supported adventure travel. The site has doubled in size every year since, and is now the world’s largest digital platform of information related to overland travel and worldwide exploration. The Expedition Portal home page was completely redesigned in 2014, and has the highest Alexa ranking in the category.    In addition to the 100,000+ member forum… read more »

The Story of Place   “What is this place worth in oil? Where do we want to steer our civilization? What do we want left when we’re done? — Craig Childs, The Story of Place Canyonlands National Park, and the lands that border it are part of a complex tale of political horse-trading, pressures for resource extraction and recreational opportunities. Above all, this land is the true Wild West, a rugged and vastly untouched landscape, a place where we can find our true… read more »

Field Tested: ZAGG Rugged Folio for iPad Mini

Most of us can relate to the scenario––You’re on the road and having the time of your life when the silence is broken with that most unfortunate, but necessary of phrases, “Hey, I have a WiFi signal, excuse me while I check my email.” It’s a scene that plays out more often than we would like, but the reality is, many of us are able to travel only because we have the means to stay somewhat connected to our families… read more »

Disaster? Grab the ditch bag.

Journal Entry   October 9, 2005, journal entry by Mark Stephens  33º17’24”N, 109º15’25”W   When the Jeep stopped moving, I had a hunch we were in trouble. I tried to restart it, but I knew better— I knew exactly what a dead fuel pump felt like. It was a little pointless hope, but hope was all we had—since Brooke and I were totally alone, and over 40 miles from the nearest town, on a solitary road that went nowhere. Based… read more »

The Next Level of Overlanding? The Dartz Prombron Black Shark

It was built to overcome a host of problems none of us normal people will ever face, but it is interesting all the same. The latest over-the-top creation from Latvian automaker, Dartz, the Prombron Black Shark is, for lack of a better description, a battle-ready limousine. Built around a Mercedes AMG GL platform, the Black Shark is available with two choices of engines, although it seems unlikely any would-be buyer would even think of forgoing the biturbo V12 for the puny… read more »

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