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Shelter from the Storm: How to Select a Ground Tent

There is something uniquely gratifying about the sanctuary of a tent. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that torrential rain, crushing snow, gale force winds, and swarms of bugs can be so effectively held at bay with fabric and poles. In fact, the more desperate the conditions are outside a tent, the more comfortable it is inside. I enjoy my tent-bound experiences only because the modern tent is such an impressive progression over the animal skin shelters our ancestors once lugged… read more »

VOTD: 2 Fat 2 Furious

We had way too much fun last year shooting our first fat bike freeride video, so this year we knew we had to do another. The goal of 2 Fat 2 Furious was to only ride things that would be harder or impossible on a regular bike. From waist-deep powder to drifty sled tracks to packed down jump lines, the boys achieved just that. Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, and Noah Brousseau got rad on their Blizzards all winter, and… read more »

Eezi-Awn K-9 Expedition Roof Rack

For decades, only a few items have lent themselves useful in enhancing a true overland vehicle—one of them being the roof rack. Vintage pictures fill the Internet with Land Cruisers and Defenders loaded to the sky with tents, fuel, and everything else imaginable. Roof racks set the stage for form and function long ago, and remain a constant need in the overlanding world. Trucks have changed though, becoming lighter, faster, more aerodynamic, and quiet. To keep up with these advancements… read more »

Shot Show: The Best Adventure Gear

Each year, all that is tacticool descends on Las Vegas and the SHOT Show. While 90% of the products are specific to the firearm and military/LEO community, there are certainly products fit for the adventurer. Here are the highlights. Magpul: I have used Magpul gear for years and have been continually impressed by both the quality and innovation. As a pleasant surprise, Magpul released a line of soft goods that are a perfect fit to the overland traveler. In particular,… read more »

Mercedes solves the equation with G500²

Today's four-wheel drive market can be an emotional roller coaster for avid overlanders. Each auto-show brings nail-biting anticipation of whether a curtain will drop off a beautiful new vehicle, or if instead we will be greeted with the shock of a ruined concept, or the disappointing re-badge of a four-wheel drive classic. Unfortunately  many times it is the latter, but every now and again a manufacturer doesn't just get it right, but knocks it straight out of the park, across… read more »

Adventure Photographer: Ten Tips for Better Travel Images

As overlanders we embark on our journeys for a number of compelling reasons. For many of us, the visual experience is what inspires us to hit the road in the first place. My passion for imagery has motivated me to take a studious approach to my travel photography and solicit the best advice I can from those with far more experience than I possess. Below are just a few of those tips, many proffered by the likes of Mark Edward Harris, Bruce… read more »

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