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The Lion’s Last Roar

Few regions have captured the world’s attention as have the lonely expanses of Southeast Utah. If we pare that down to the region’s nucleus, we find ourselves in the red rock country of Moab. The area’s labyrinth of sandstone, sculpted by millions of years of wind, rain, and plate tectonics is a playground for recreationalists of all genres. During the last half century it has become a mecca for four-wheel drive aficionados from the world over—largely accredited to the Red… read more »

Around the World in 800 Days: Driving on the Roof of the World – Part 2

Our adventure continued from here up the much greener Shakhdara Valley to the mountain village of Tusion. The rather abrupt snaking climb through the village, in places, was barely wider than the car. Much to our amazement when we reached the summit the last house had a full sized bus parked in its driveway, begging the question how exactly did they get it up there? On the mountain plateau we found an amazing camp spot nestled between two lush peaks.… read more »

Wild Teton Hearts

I watch Sam’s face as I hit the high note of my rendition of Third Eye Blind, watching for a reaction as he narrows his eyes on the road. We've entered into Wyoming territory and there's a massive dark blue cloud looming in the distance. We're two weeks into our summer road trip at this point and have arrived at the "lets try and see how much we can annoy each other" phase. I'm not sure why we like to play this… read more »

Bikepacking: Five MIPS Equipped Helmets to Protect Your Mellon

Over the course of three decades of cycling I have owned countless helmets. From my first race-legal leather Cinelli, yes I’m that old, to the latest models with active brain-saving features, my head has worn them all. Today’s offerings are a marvel of engineering and are light, comfortable, and well ventilated.  They also have protective properties none of us would have dreamed of just a few years ago. The most recent development comes in the form of a proprietary technology… read more »

And they Said it Couldn’t be Done

"It can't be done." The challenge in these words has motivated adventurers since the dawn of time. But the earth’s poles have been conquered, Everest has been scaled, and the seas have been sailed. What remains to quench the thirst of modern man for grand achievement? For Bill, in the absence of a Darien Gap between Oklahoma and Arizona, it is Mills Canyon. The high plains of northeastern New Mexico hide their secret well. In the infinite sameness of grass… read more »

Antartica2: A Girl and Her Tractor

For most people, a tractor is nothing more than a tool. They are slow, lumbering albatrosses that spend their days mowing down fields of corn or keeping you from getting to work on time. They look ridiculous, with their massive, monster-truck rear tires and front tires the size of a New York style pizza crust. They’re as impractical as they are ridiculous, and most certainly not supposed to be used for transportation. Right? Apparently, no one told Manon Ossevoort this… read more »

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