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Field Tested: Big Agnes Blacktail 2

If you have done any tent shopping lately, you may have noticed a considerable variance in pricing from entry level shelters to exotics pushing increasingly closer to the cost of a monthly mortgage payment. Although I am typically quick to suggest you get what you pay for, I think such generalizations are becoming less true. Many premium tents have exceeded a reasonable asking price relative to the return, and a few brands like Big Agnes are producing options with better… read more »

Hendrick Commando

The Jeep JK is arguably the most versatile vehicle of our time. Examples appearing in various states of dress can be found overlanding, rock crawling, or simply dropping the kids off at soccer practice. Military versions such as the J8 have also been around since the JK first hit the market in 2007. Unlike the J8, which is manufactured overseas, the Hendrick Commando is entirely made in America. Upon leaving Jeep’s Ohio plant, the bone stock JK is shipped to… read more »

New Adventure Rider: Selecting a Motorcycle Helmet

The most important piece of motorcycle equipment you will ever purchase is a good helmet. And with that obvious statement, qualifying what good really means is admittedly less evident. It is not always easy to determine what drives helmet pricing, or if all helmets offer the same level of protection. What is it you are paying for exactly, and how does one select the best helmet for their individual needs? As the saying goes, safety first, so we’ll start there.… read more »

La Aduana: First Production Range Rover

At Overland International, we have a love for the Range Rover Classic, one of the most visually stunning and capable luxury SUVs ever produced, complete with long-travel suspension, solid axles and interior refinement worthy of the finest estate wagon. Despite the worthwhile underpinnings, the Range Rover Classic is about more than performance, it is the patriarch of a category. This 1970, Masai Red Range Rover is one of the most rare in existence, the first production Range Rover and one… read more »

Company Profile: Uro-Camper

Deep within the heart of the highly populous city of Sevilla, Spain, lies a small camper company with a unique way of doing things. Run entirely by the owner Jose Luis de la Quadra, his wife and three other employees, Uro-Camper takes pride in performing all aspects of production in-house. As a small company they are able to make adjustments to each truck camper in order to suit the individual needs of the customer. This includes size, shape and amenities.… read more »

Field Tested: SOG PowerLock

When you need it most, nothing is more valuable than a good multi-tool. SOG has long been my preferred manufacturer of multi-tools with my original Paratool now going well into its second decade of loyal service. A couple of years ago I decided to elevate my multi-tool game and acquired the SOG PowerLock. Having used it more times than I could ever remember, I thought it was worthy of a long-term review. Made of 420 Stainless Steel and featuring 18… read more »

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