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The Worst is Over Now

As overlanders, we often make a conscious decision to leave the comforts of pavement and seek out risky roads and trails. We spend hours pouring over maps, planning routes, addressing logistics - the least of which are water, fuel, food, shelter. We read trail reports and scour forums and buy more gear to make things either more doable or more comfortable. When the time comes we leave behind the pleasures of “civilized” life for the pleasures of a well-organized overlanding… read more »

Jack of all Trades

There are towns in the world that shine as frontiers for overland travel: Moab, Ulaanbaatar, Maun, Arusha, Perth. There are other examples, but they all have something in common: superb 4WD vehicles outfitted for true function. Walk down the streets and you see the the different makes—Toyota, Land Rover, UAZ, Jeep, Mercedes, many you didn't know existed—and the local nuances of preparation: tire choice, roof racks or no, bull bars or no. Winches? Sand mats? All this you compare to… read more »

Dirt, Dust, and… a Craving for Chicken Tikka Masala?

I have just spent over a month with the newest Sportsmobile, and the vehicle had an unusual effect on me: a persistent craving for Indian food. Why? Because every time I got inside my first thought was, Taj Mahal. Furthermore, after a few hours in this 2008 E350, my wife Stephanie, Overland Journal’s director of design, had practically adopted the vehicle, making some mention of decorating in French country with toile curtains. Obviously the change from traveling in a compact pickup… read more »

Field Tested: Tablet-EX-Gear Pack

A back-pack for your front? OK, I’ll admit, when I first heard of a pack that you wear on your chest, it seemed kind of backwards. But hey, I’m game to try anything new, so I decided to take a look. I’m glad I did. The Tablet Computer Chest Pack that I received from Tablet-Ex-Gear is a really well-made piece of kit, and quickly changed my approach towards carrying and using gear in the field.   The system was designed… read more »

Destinations: Coco’s Corner, Baja, Mexico

There are many places on earth that once visited, defy their descriptions. I recently visited such a place, a landmark of legendary notoriety in the rugged backcountry of northern Baja. Highlighted on maps, mentioned regularly on forums and Facebook pages, this storied attraction held my interest for the many days it took to get there. Countless explanations failing to answer my question, I wondered repeatedly, what is Coco’s Corner? After finally arriving at this far away place, I approached it… read more »

La Aduana: 2012 Jeep JK with Ursa Minor J30 Pop-up

Expedition Portal's forums are an overlanding resource with seemingly endless possibilities and our very own classifieds section draws in opportunities seldom found elsewhere. Take for example this expedition-ready Jeep JK. A 2012 with a 3.6-liter V6 paired to a 6-speed manual transmission, it is at the root of it, an already great platform. Add a color-matched Ursa Minor J30 pop-up camper and well, thousands of dollars in smart upgrades and modifications and you have a vehicle ready for anything you can… read more »

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