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Landcruising Adventure: How to deal with police officers while overlanding

On the busy transit road between Belém and Icoacari we ran into a blitz: The police had cordoned off part of the road to pull vehicles over to the side to the road. We were among the chosen. A police officer leaned into my window. “Hello, everything okay?” “Yeah, sure. Everything okay.” “So, do you maybe have a donation for me to pay for my lunch?” I understood his question all right and all kinds of thoughts raced through my… read more »

La Aduana: Bio-Diesel Toyota Dyna Firetruck Overland Camper

Have you ever thought to yourself how cool it would be to have a right hand drive Japanese firetruck with a bio-diesel engine and a covered rooftop deck accessed with a fold-out spiral staircase? Ya, me too. Unfortunately, such trucks are rather rare, but there is one up for grabs. Currently used as a promotional truck by BioLite, this former firetruck has serious adventure potential. In fact, it has proven itself as a true travel platform. It completed the longest recorded… read more »

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Edition Tackles the Rubicon

If anyone were to say we have the best jobs in the world, they’d be right. This week I found myself in Northern California on the Rubicon Trail with two Grand Cherokee Trailhawks and 13 miles of trail in front of me. I joined Pearse Umlauf and his crew from Jeep Jamboree USA, who were hosting the Trailhawks and a few folks from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It is well known that the Rubicon has long been the proving grounds for… read more »

News: Thompson/Center Ram Compass Project

Thompson/Center and Smith & Wesson have assembled a Ram truck project, the vehicle to be awarded to a new Compass bolt-action rifle customer (you can also enter to win without purchase HERE). There are a few things that make this newsworthy, particularly the growing trend within the firearms industry to showcase 4WD and overland project vehicles, but also the general acknowledgement by the industry that aftermarket accessories and quality camping gear can better support the hunter and sportsman in the… read more »

Conqueror Off Road Campers Now Available in North America

In the last few years the North American trailer market has exploded. A dozen new manufacturers have entered the fray and existing brands are expanding their offerings with each successive season. Just when it appeared things had reached a saturation point, another trailer option entered the mix––but with a twist. The latest entry in the North American trailer market is no upstart or hobby business housed in someone’s garage. For over 25 years, Conqueror Off Road Campers has provided overlanders… read more »

Buyers Guide: Portable Fridge-Freezers

Fridge freezers are by far one of the most welcomed additions to any overlanding kit. They absolutely change the way you eat in the back country and can raise your culinary game to the next level. True, you can certainly live without one, but once you take the plunge you’ll wonder why you didn’t break the ice leash sooner. There are several advantages, and very few disadvantages to switching from a cooler to a fridge/freezer. However, we won’t be arguing… read more »

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