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Honda’s New Africa Twin: The Final Details Released

After what amounts to effectively a two-plus decade wait, the final announcement of the forthcoming Honda Africa Twin hit this weekend with less impact than I would have expected. It’s not because the new Twin isn’t a stunner on paper. If anything, I think most people are reserving their excitement for the day when these machines finally start rolling onto dealer floors. According to Honda that should happen in the early months of 2016. In what I would say is… read more »

Trevolta’s Crowd Funded Travel Site Announces the End

Some people likely saw this coming. I know many people wanted it to happen. Either way, it would seem that crowd funded travel has taken a hit as of late with Trevolta announcing the end of their services. You may remember our coverage of Trevolta in December of 2013 at the time of their launch. My op-ed about the acceptance of crowd funded travel stirred up a great deal of discussion, both for and against. The voices in the latter… read more »

Madagascar in a 25 Year Old Pajero: The Red Island of Africa (Part 2)

Madagascar, the Red Island of Africa, is sometimes described this way not because of its socialist past, but because of the color of the local soil. This island was once covered almost entirely with green rainforest, but the slash-and-burn agricultural technique of local farmers has led to heavy erosion over time. Today, throughout the country, the reddish color dominates the soil. While driving there, red dust quickly covered all our belongings inside the cabin. Near the town of Ambalavao, we… read more »

Rugged Ridge Releases New Roof Rack for Two-Door JK

It seems that all too often modifications show up that create more problems than they solve. They block factory features, require you to drill or cut into your vehicle, and sometimes just don't interface with any other accessories. It's refreshing then to see products that not only solve your problem, but make using your vehicle easier and more enjoyable. It would appear that Rugged Ridge has done just that with their new roof rack. Like their existing rack available for the… read more »

Field Tested: Caribou Luggage Commando Soft Panniers

Soft luggage or hard cases? That is the question. Looking at it as objectively as possible, it is safe to say both systems have their obvious advantages and undeniable foibles. We could go into those pros and cons until we’re blue in the face, but ultimately it all depends on a rider’s needs and how they fit into a particular style of travel. Straddling this fence as a clever alternative is the Caribou Commando Soft Bag system. Blending many of… read more »

Gear Scout: Garmin Epix GPS Watch

There are a number of contemporary products available today that would have defied the imaginations of the most creative science fictionists just a few years ago. I doubt Jules Verne or H.G. Wells could have dreamed of something as sophisticated as Garmin’s new Epix GPS watch. A marvel of futuristic technology, it is straight out of a bond film or comic book. In reality, the GPS watch is nothing new. I reviewed one of the first such wearables a few… read more »

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