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Is your overlander overbuilt?

It would be safe to say overlanding in America, at least under that specific designation, is still in its relative infancy. It wasn’t until recently that many off-road enthusiasts began to convert their 4WD trucks from weekend play things into platforms for extended travel. You can count me amongst the many who took inspiration from the impressively built trucks traversing the Outback of Australia or pushing through the tall grass of the Serengeti. Shortly after acquiring my Land Rover, I… read more »

Tiktaalik Releases new products for the Land Rover Defender

It would seem illogical for any startup company to make accessories specifically for a vehicle entering its final year of production, but Portland based Tiktaalik has recently released two new products aimed at the Land Rover Defender. To be fair, the Defender is one of the most coveted vehicles in the world, their owners willing to do anything necessary to keep them on the road. To that end, those owners need to protect their trucks from the hard knocks of… read more »

36 Hours of Adventure – Exploring Washington’s Weirdest Island

I almost forgot that Washington is not the year-round rideable state to which I’ve grown a great bitterness. It does at times offer a beautiful mid-winter’s day with the sun out and the skies blue, the temperature an outstanding 54 degrees. After weeks of relentless rain, I was stoked to jump on the XT and get the hell out of Dodge. Then Justin and I hit the freeway. There is nothing like riding 75 mph into strong headwind to remind us it’s… read more »

Nissan to Pull the Plug on the Xterra?

In what can only be interpreted as another death knell for the overland-ready SUV, Nissan is expected to no longer offer the Xterra after the 2015 model year. For Nissan, the reasons to kill off the Xterra are simple enough. Sales numbers have dipped well below 20,000 units for 2014, a continued decline over the previous year. Perhaps most disconcerting is Nissan’s assertion that demand for capable off-road platforms is being usurped by desires for more fuel efficient and road-biased wagons and crossovers.… read more »

Overlanding with kids – going beyond “normal” education

Kids, like ships, are outward bound and ready to leave safe harbor to explore the globe. Why not board the ship, or in our case the Land Rover, and set sail into adventure. Instead of wasting time sitting in a classroom, kids might as well make the whole world a classroom. Where else could a family experience all that can be had by living on the road? Not only the will the children grow through travelling, the nomadic lifestyle will make the parents grow… read more »

How a Subaru Conquered Baja!

Okay, maybe “conquer “ is a little grandiose – how about “survived with honor?”   It all began after returning from my second year of racing the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally on a vintage motorcycle when my wife said she wanted to go to the next year’s race. “To chase?” I naively asked. “To race,” she said matter-of-factly. Well, since Laura doesn’t really enjoy riding motorcycles, I suspected she meant racing something with four wheels. Being a big fan of… read more »

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