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Alu-Box – Battered, Beaten, and still going strong

People often ask why we choose the gear we do. Why do we pick this bumper over that one? Why the more expensive product over the cheaper option? Despite what most people think it has nothing to do with having loads of money, because we don't, or thinking we're too cool for normal gear, because we aren't. It all comes down this; we demand a lot from our equipment. While most people will camp a few times a year in one… read more »

Gear Scout: SOG SwitchPlier 2.0

I have been a long-time fan of SOG’s multi-tools. My SOG Paratool has been with me on nearly every outdoor adventure for more than 17 years. They were even frozen in a block of ocean water in the hull of my sea kayak for a full Alaskan winter and uncovered in the spring no worse for it. They are however, a little difficult to deploy which is why their new Switchplier 2.0 caught my attention. As the name would imply,… read more »

SYA Off Road Extension Kit for LR3, LR4, and Range Rover Sport

Land Rovers catch a lot of flak for maintenance and reliability. Problems like shoddy electronics, leaking (or spewing) coolant, and seeping oil are all taunting points of Toyota owners, but there is one Land Rover feature that despite its flaws has earned our love, the air-suspension. It's for good reason we like them though, these wonderful pieces of technology give owners a smooth ride, adjustable clearance for technical terrain, a lower height for parking garages, and of course a neat… read more »

Sirocco Overland: Through Senegal and the road to Dakar

There was a mix-up at the border crossing. There, I said it. To this day I still can’t recall what we were actually thinking or exactly how it happened. Rule number one in overlanding... always ensure your paperwork is in order. We skipped past about 100 trucks queued up on the embankment road and followed the GPS directly to the Mali customs building. It was busy but we managed to get the carnet stamped out of Mali. We asked about… read more »


The usual way to scare off bears on North American hiking trails is by wearing a bell. Seriously, it sounds as if it may as well be a dinner bell. Tilin-tilin! Here I am! Tilin-tilin! I’m fat and juicy! It’s absurd. Personally, I prefer to walk in the woods singing Austrian mountain songs. It’s creepier and less embarrassing.    “Do you know the best way to avoid being eaten by a bear?” Anna, my travel partner, asks right after scaring… read more »

La Aduana: Steve McQueen’s 1952 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck

He was arguably the one of the coolest individuals of his, or any other generation. Revered by men of all ages for his motoring exploits on two wheels and four, Steve McQueen was a legend long before his last day, which came all too soon. Over the years, various vehicles once belonging to McQueen have popped up at auctions across the globe. Few are as unique as his 1952 Chevy pickup fitted with a custom camper. And if you act… read more »

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