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Featured Vehicle: Land Rover Las Vegas’ Defender 130

There are few things in this world which I covet, the Defender in its various iterations is certainly one of them. Despite being completely incongruent with how I travel and the types of things I am normally drawn to, there is just something about this particular Defender 130 format that calls to me. The most rare of all Defenders to be found in North America, the 130 owned by Land Rover Las Vegas is a beautiful specimen. The Defender 130… read more »

Tuusula Finland to Bishkek Kyrgyzstan in a Volvo 240 Wagon

Once again, as it is prone to do, the Expedition Portal forums have served as the repository for another amazing journey, this time in the form of a drive from Finland to Kyrgzystan in a Volvo 240 Wagon. Forum member "Pata," took the time to share his journey in a multi-page thread and we felt it was worthy of our home page. Presented as it appeared on the forum, this is a great read.     You can visit and… read more »

Field Tested: LuminAID LED Lantern

It is not all that often I come across a product which I feel is truly innovative. It is even less common for me to find products that ring in at under twenty bucks. The LuminAID lamp ticks both boxes and even has a compelling humanitarian aid story behind it. The brainchild of Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta, two young and ambitious entrepreneurs and philanthropists, the LuminAID was designed to meet the challenged needs of natural disaster victims. After evaluating… read more »

The Birth Of Your Four Legged Adventure Mobile

While searching for your perfect Overland vehicle, remember that nothing is perfect, and everything is a balance. This match making process is about making those four wheels do what you really want them to do. There are opinions everywhere declaring THE perfect travel vehicle, or THE answer to all of your adventure prayers. I urge you to not get lost in other’s opinions, as knowledgeable as they may be. This adventure is yours, your inspirations, your mishaps, and your future… read more »

36 Hours of Adventure: A Weekend Trip in the PNW

I’ve always dreaded the schedule of a 9-5, there’s something about it that my being just rejects. I’ve come to think it’s less the schedule, more the feeling of being controlled by some unseen force. Mythical hours set by bosses, or clients, or maybe just our own expectations. Hours we commit to even if they yield nothing but a paycheck. I’ve worked a few 70 hour weeks before, but even those moments felt better than the ones ruled by being… read more »

Light and Fast: Husqvarna TE630, Part One

Buying a lightweight dual-sport has its appeal, striking the compromise between dirt bike performance and touring comfort. However, is a balance really feasible? In reality, we can ride around the world on anything with two wheels, circumnavigations having been completed with everything from 50cc Vespas to Honda Goldwings. As a result, it is always about compromise, and in the case of this project, we are aiming for maximum technical terrain performance while still allowing long service intervals, 300 mile-plus fuel… read more »

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