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Overlanding with kids – going beyond “normal” education

Kids, like ships, are outward bound and ready to leave safe harbor to explore the globe. Why not board the ship, or in our case the Land Rover, and set sail into adventure. Instead of wasting time sitting in a classroom, kids might as well make the whole world a classroom. Where else could a family experience all that can be had by living on the road? Not only the will the children grow through travelling, the nomadic lifestyle will make the parents grow… read more »

How a Subaru Conquered Baja!

Okay, maybe “conquer “ is a little grandiose – how about “survived with honor?”   It all began after returning from my second year of racing the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally on a vintage motorcycle when my wife said she wanted to go to the next year’s race. “To chase?” I naively asked. “To race,” she said matter-of-factly. Well, since Laura doesn’t really enjoy riding motorcycles, I suspected she meant racing something with four wheels. Being a big fan of… read more »

New Adventure Rider: Selecting a Motorcycle

For the new adventure rider, or one returning to the bike after a prolonged hiatus from riding, bike selection is the single most important decision to be made. Choosing the right bike not only ensures riding enjoyment, but it certainly influences rider safety. There are a number of considerations to carefully evaluate, some carrying more importance that others.     Displacement In a nutshell, displacement is simply a measurement of engine size. This is not to be confused with engine… read more »

Retrospective: The Toyota 70 Series Land Cruiser

Many makes and models of vehicle can perform admirably for the vast majority of overland travel, and some have proven to be more popular than others. Fewer still have risen to iconic status; having shown themselves to epitomize the ruggedness, reliability and efficiency necessary in the harshest of environments. One such vehicle is the 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.   Introduced in 1984 with a new, updated body style from the previous 40 Series Land Cruisers, the 70 Series was… read more »

Field Tested: Primus ETA Lite+

Personal cooking systems have become increasingly popular over the last many years and with travelers of every kind. For those with tight size and weight restrictions, the efficiency of a solo cooking system is tough to beat, and even for those with ample storage space, the convenience is reason enough to buy a compact cooker. Primus, arguably the most storied and well known purveyor of backcountry stoves, has their own solo system, the Primus ETA Lite+. At only 14 ounces… read more »

Riding Skills: Crossing Deep Water

Being a desert dweller, I don’t get too many chances to cross small streams and rivers. Not to say I never get the opportunity, but it is infrequent enough I often have to remind myself how it’s done. I tend to jog my memory about mid-stream with an audible, “Eeeeks!” For those of you who have yet to cross water with two wheels, here are the finer points I should make a better habit to remember:   Stop and assess… read more »

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