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Retrospective: Range Rover, the Early Years

Who could have known it would become such an epochal vehicle. A legend even at the time of inception, it would go on to dominate the category it created, defining a standard that others would aspire to imitate, often in vain. Like all heroes, it would have its flaws, detractors, and usurpers to the thrown, but for the better part of 45 years, the Range Rover has held its own.   Like all triumphs of design, the wellspring of the… read more »

Destinations: Harquahala Mountain

Ending at the highest summit in Southwest Arizona, the Harquahala Mountain is as steep, rugged, and beautiful as the desert comes. Its finer historical points start back in the 1920's when Charles G. Abbott spearheaded an effort for contraction of a weather observatory. Looking for a dry climate allowing for sun observation and measurement, the Harquahalas were an obvious choice for the new station. In 1920 the Smithsonian Observatory was constructed atop the peak and a small team began the… read more »

Long Term Wrap Up: Salsa Fargo Ti

It was roughly a year ago when I plucked this little beauty from a collection of boxes and with anxious hands began assembling it piece by shiny piece. As it came together, passers by at the Overland International office would stop and say, "Wow, that's a cool bike. What is it?" It's easy to forgive the uninitiated for not immediately knowing what to make of a bicycle that looks largely like a mountain bike until you take note of the unusually flared drop bars.… read more »

Chile’s Charms: Running Hot & Blowing Cold

Upon registering my motorcycle’s mileage clock 10,000 miles since hitting the Americas five months previous, without conscious volition I stopped seeing our trip as an extended holiday.  This had now become a way of life for my partner and I.  The honeymoon period wasn’t altogether over, it was simply the start of a new chapter having learnt the basic ropes of two-wheeled travel.     Namely journeying into the unknown and coping with all its capricious twists and turns –… read more »

Overland Expo East 2014

While not as massive in attendance as the well-established Overland Expo West the inaugural East event was easily as big in acreage and enthusiasm for the overland world. What set the East event apart from it’s Western brother is the picture perfect North Carolina Fall setting and close proximity to big population centers, who came out in big numbers to see what this “overland” thing is all about. The same tested formula for a quality overland event was used; hands… read more »

Importing a 25 year old Vehicle 101

When I sold my 1988 FJ62 Landcruiser last year I felt empty. I decided to replace the truck on a whim with an equally dependable and lovable Toyota, a mint 1988 4x4 Pickup with a 5 speed mated to a 22re motor with front and rear lockers. It just wasn't the same. I sold that truck this spring and the Land Cruiser replacement search commenced.   My first FJ62 search was of grand proportions but familiar to many Toyota fans.… read more »

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