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A Budget Overlander, Forester Part III: Kitting It Out

The first time I packed up the Forester for an overnight camping trip the rear end sagged down to the bump stops, it clearly wasn't the kind of "truck" I'm used to driving. Building this car has been a long lesson in keeping things simple and light. Though Subarus are built like Legos, modifications and cargo have to be carefully planned out to maintain a good balance between weight, handling, and power. Mechanical Upgrades The Forester's brakes are adequate out of the box, but if… read more »

Sardinetaco: Rain Soaked and on Fumes

It was three in the morning as I sat naked, confused, disoriented, and a bit groggy from the drinks of the evening. I was sitting in the reclined driver seat of my truck in a major city in South America, downtown, in an upscale neighborhood. It started as a travel day like any other, moving from one place to the next, just like we’ve been doing for the past fourteen months. We spent the past two nights camped at “The… read more »

Gone South read more »

SOS: The Full Report – Part One

It all started on Saturday August 10th, 2014. I got up early to finish packing and for last minute checks on my Tacoma, Frankenstein, before hitting the road. I had a long way to go, a full day's drive, and as usual I was late getting started. It was practically a miracle I even left as I had just gotten the truck road worthy the day before after a different incident earlier in the month. That's a different story but needless to say, considering what I was about to… read more »

Ford Introduces New Off-Road Inspired Everest, But Not For the U.S.

I wonder what Henry Ford would have to say about it, but we blue-blooded Americans keep getting hosed by the blue oval. Our most recent kick to the shins is the Ford Everest we will never see. Built to service off-road driving fun-havers in China, Australia, New Zealand, probably all of Europe, maybe Mauritius just because, it will not be offered here on home soil. So why should we care? Because it looks cool, and we’re tired of the Explorer. Not… read more »

Loki the Steyr: The Shifting Sands and Roads of Mongolia

It is early in the morning. It looks like rain, so we decide to leave our overnight camp quickly, to escape. We estimate that we need roughly two more days to cross the desert to reach Altai, the next so called city. Only 20,000 people live there, but for this less populated country it’s a big city. It’s only 300 km away, but we don`t know exactly, what will await us, beneath the fact, that there is no street. The… read more »

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