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Two Wheeled Nomad: A walk on the wild side

Do you ever let your mind wander to a place just out of reach? Have you seen the fossils of extinct creatures in museums and wondered what they were really like? Have you been teased by thoughts of what our human ancestors might have seen when they first came to South America—creatures now gone from memory, represented only by the hardiest fossil record? Many have fallen into extinction but some remain. In great tracts of primeval forest, still chiefly untouched… read more »

Fatty fatty 4×4: Why GVWR matters

We’ve all seen the bad example, the SUV with heavy bumpers front and rear and a full compliment of sliders and armor. Then there’s the extensive drawer system in the back, a loaded fridge and dual batteries under the hood. To top it off, literally, the heavy roof rack shoulders 200 pounds of fuel, water, and an assortment of Pelican cases that even empty weigh a ton. As the truck lumbers down the trail swaying side to side like a… read more »

Overland Journal Cutting Edge Subscription Offer! Expedition Portal Members Only

Overland Journal partners Land Rover Las Vegas and Surefire have provided some great products for an exclusive offer just for Expedition Portal members. (Quantities are limited and will disappear from the website as they sell out. New subscriptions begin with the Summer Issue) Subscribe to Overland Journal now and receive: One-Year Subscription receives a Browning lock-blade pocket knife, in brown or back handle, with the Land Rover Las Vegas logo. We have 15 brown knives and 13 black knives available,… read more »

AEV for Ram Truck is now available

We have all come to consider American Expedition Vehicles as the apogee of off-road performance, particularly with regard to the Jeep Wrangler. Their comprehensive catalog of accessories and upgrades transform what is arguably one of the best vehicles in its class into something extraordinary. Now that same level of design excellence is available for the Ram HD 2500/3500 truck. Attribute it to an ever dwindling selection of viable wagons for off-road use, or just an uptick in truck popularity, the… read more »

Field Tested: Giant Loop Great Basin and Kiger

For the adventure rider, there are innumerable decisions to be made with regard to luggage selection. The most obvious is whether or not to go with hard cases or soft bags. While there are sound reasons for hard cases, many riders are best served with the latter. Aside from the fact most soft luggage systems cost a fraction of their hard-sided cousins, soft bags are invariably lighter, hug the motorcycle closer for better weight distribution, and perhaps the most important factor, feel… read more »

Landcruising Adventure: The Magic-number Car Tires

I hear you thinking, “What, another post on tires? You’ve got to be kidding me! There must hundreds of them on the Internet.” Yes, you are right, another post on tires. But this time I am writing it. Why? Because we get many emails and messages from 4×4 enthusiasts and overlanders asking us what type of tires we use, or why our Land Cruiser has such skinny road tires.     Like with all choices in life, a perfect one doesn’t exist. Same… read more »

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