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Jerome Jamboree XXIV

We set off from the safety of Prescott early in the morning to brave the steep, winding tarmac of Highway 89A over Mingus Mountain. The tantrum throwing, oil dripping Vanagon we've affectionately come to know as "Lana" was being uncharacteristically well behaved as we made the climb, caffeinated elixirs in hand (for lack of cup holders), toward Jerome, Arizona. Our destination: the 24th Jerome Jamboree put on by the folks at the Arizona Bus Club and hundreds of fellow Vdub aficionados. Some of our… read more »

Barlow Adventures: The Best Mod is Proper Training

Nestled amidst the red rocks and canyons of Sedona, Arizona sits a small building flanked by shiny Jeeps. What could be easily mistaken for a simple Jeep rental service is actually a comprehensive off-roading resource known as Barlow Adventures. Founded by Nena Barlow, her eponimously named company does rent Jeeps, but they also provide guided trips in Sedona, Moab, and on the Rubicon trail, as well as provide off-road driving instruction. Certified by the International 4wd Trainer Association, Nena and… read more »

La Aduana: 2010 Conqueror Commander

If you're anything like me, your heart stopped the second you saw this trailer cross your page. Here in the United States, this beautiful and amazing platform is the ultimate in unobtanium. Lightweight full metal construction? You got it. Heavy duty suspension and build quality? Absolutely. High ground clearance and impressive departure angles? Without a doubt. Full kitchen, hot and cold water, enclosed living space, bathroom, awning, and expanding roof? Hmmmmm... you bet! The only thing this trailer needs is a… read more »

Photographic Faux-pas

Are you an aspiring photographer dreaming of getting your imagery published, or an author suddenly tasked with shooting your own photos? From the guy who gets stuck fixing all your photos, here's a list of the most common—and easily avoidable—photographic mistakes made by both novice and experienced author-photographers alike. We've all done some (ok all) of these at one time or another, often without even realizing it. Watch for these mistakes every time you shoot and the quality of your photos will improve dramatically. Dust, Dirt, and Stains… read more »

Long Term Review: Blundstone 550

If you were to thumb through the catalog of All Things Australian, not to say there is such a thing, somewhere between didgeridoos and Vegemite you would surely find Blundstone boots. Affectionately referred to as “Blunnies,” these unique boots with their signature elastic ankle panels and lace-free uppers, are time-honored legends of footwear and iconic boots of the outback. If Australia had an official boot, this would likely be it. It's been a couple years since I first started wearing… read more »

Jack of All Trades

There are towns in the world that shine as frontiers for overland travel: Moab, Ulaanbaatar, Maun, Arusha, Perth. There are other examples, but they all have something in common: superb 4WD vehicles outfitted for true function. Walk down the streets and you see the the different makes—Toyota, Land Rover, UAZ, Jeep, Mercedes, many you didn't know existed—and the local nuances of preparation: tire choice, roof racks or no, bull bars or no. Winches? Sand mats? All this you compare to… read more »

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