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Field Tested: Spyderco Squarehead Folder Titanium

In an industry rife with similarities and subtle nuances between products, it is refreshing to see the occasional departure from the norm. That said, different isn’t always a good thing, although it sure works for Spyderco’s Squarehead Folder. At only 2-inches long when closed with a small 1.3-inch blade, the uniquely shaped square blade is made from high quality CMP S30V powder metallurgy stainless steel. Powdered metal is not to be confused with other powdered products like say, Tang. Powdered… read more »

What Happens When You Press the SOS Button?

A few years ago I wrote an article for Overland Journal reviewing the best personal locator beacons and satellite-based emergency communicators on the market. Not all too much has changed since then with regard to the products and services available, but I continue to get questions about which system I recommend, why, and what my experiences with these units have brought to bear in the years since that first editorial. I get questions about battery life, coverage areas, features, but… read more »

Field Tested: Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair

I’m fairly confident in assuming that many of you, like me, have evolved well beyond the days of sitting on rocks and fallen logs. As camp chairs get smaller, lighter, and more comfortable, a relaxing repose around camp is easier than ever. The Treo Chair from Therm-a-Rest is my favorite backcountry throne and for a number of reasons. At just over 2-pounds, I concede the Treo isn’t featherlight. It has some heft to it making it perhaps too heavy for… read more »

VOTD: The Toll Road (Preview)

Our fellow Expedition Portal member Shane Denherder was a part of this production. You won't want to miss this. Make it big. Make it loud. read more »

Gear Scout: Klecker Klax Lumberjack

Just when I think innovation is dead, something like the Klax Lumberjack crosses my desk. Part hatchet, part multi-tool, it is one of those items I didn’t know I needed until I saw it in person. Designed by engineer and inventor Glenn Klecker, the Klax is available in four individual models. The most basic is the Klax Feller, a stripped down axehead designed to be lashed to any handle, even a branch, with para-cord. The Klax Woodsman is a simplified… read more »

Trail Tested: Rukka Airman Jacket and Pants

I have a number of weaknesses, my ability to endure high temperatures only one of them. I can’t explain it, but I’m worse than a snowman a hot summer day. On a recent trip through the Mojave desert with the mercury tipping 110ºF, I thought I was going to burst into flames or dissolve in a puddle of sweat. My heat induced agony lead me on a search of the best summer riding suit and after several failed experiments, have finally… read more »

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