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Company Profile: Woody’s Wheel Works

Driven by the philosophy that the wheel is no less than the mother of all inventions, Woody’s Wheel Works understands the wheel on a profound level.  The company ethos is founded on a strong belief that perfecting wheels, which are capable of spinning straight and perfectly round, is an art.  Recognising the harmony between man and machine—as much as the importance played by the wheel in the locomotive process—every craftsman at Woody’s Wheel Works is dedicated to provide the customer… read more »

2015 Adventure Motorcycle of the Year (over $10,000)

OVERLAND AWARD: Adventure Motorcycle of the Year (over $10,000) Winner: 2015 BMW GS Adventure ($22,045 with premium package) Sinuhe Xavier pilots the 2015 GS Adventure up a rock ledge in Canyonlands.  Each year we award for the ultimate adventure motorcycle, the bike that combines the best attributes and performance for overland travel. The 2015 awards proves to be the most contentious in years, with new offerings from KTM and a revised model from Yamaha. This also represents the last model… read more »

Field Tested: EVOC CP 35L Camera Pack

Like many photographers, I demand much of a camera pack. It not only needs to be capable of protectively portaging my equipment, it needs to also accommodate the various other things I use in the backcountry. It seems like a reasonable ask, but only a handful of packs have extra storage as part of the design. I also have to be able to access my cameras and equipment quickly without much effort. Not to add to my lofty demands, all-day… read more »

Shelter from the Storm: How to Select a Ground Tent

There is something uniquely gratifying about the sanctuary of a tent. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that torrential rain, crushing snow, gale force winds, and swarms of bugs can be so effectively held at bay with fabric and poles. In fact, the more desperate the conditions are outside a tent, the more comfortable it is inside. I enjoy my tent-bound experiences only because the modern tent is such an impressive progression over the animal skin shelters our ancestors once lugged… read more »

VOTD: 2 Fat 2 Furious

We had way too much fun last year shooting our first fat bike freeride video, so this year we knew we had to do another. The goal of 2 Fat 2 Furious was to only ride things that would be harder or impossible on a regular bike. From waist-deep powder to drifty sled tracks to packed down jump lines, the boys achieved just that. Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, and Noah Brousseau got rad on their Blizzards all winter, and… read more »

The Last Land Rover Defender

It’s been a day 68 years in the coming – a day lamented by some, cheered by others, a day when the last Land Rover Defender, arguably the ultimate off-the-peg expedition truck, rolled off the production line. That day was Friday 29th January 2016, and at 9:15am UK time, the 2,016,933rd and final Defender, horn blaring and lights flashing, rolled onto the tarmac to a hall full of cheers, and not a few tears too.   The road to this… read more »

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