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Just Differentials Releases Suspension Kit for Land Cruiser 100

Despite a curious lack of our own 100 Series Cruiser at the Overland International offices, we are nonetheless big fans of this world-proven platform. Always interested in new ways to improve on an already great machine, we were excited to see Just Differentials' release of their new suspension kit. Below are the details direct from Carl Montoya:   The Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series has proven to be one of the most versatile platforms of any 4x4. Used worldwide, the… read more »

Field Tested: Big Agnes Meaden DownTek Jacket

There are certain pieces of gear I consider––essential. Being prone to wander far from the comforts of a heater, my insulation layers are often the only thing keeping me from becoming a six foot tall popsicle. One item I never leave behind is a good lightweight down jacket. If temperatures are favorable, it still finds service as a pillow, but more often than not it gets used as a morning warmer, a daytime layer, or critical backup if my sleeping bag… read more »

Backcountry Discovery Routes Launches Membership Program

Seattle, WA - (November 19, 2014) - Since 2010, the non-profit organization Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) has inspired thousands of adventure motorcyclists to take advantage of the riding opportunities available in the United States.  BDR has produced five backcountry routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel.  These routes include feature-length expedition documentaries, maps, free-planning resources and GPS tracks used by thousands of motorcyclists each year.   Now, Backcountry Discovery Routes is announcing its Membership Program! The goal of the BDR Membership Program is… read more »

SOS: The Full Report – Part Two

The damage was pretty bad. My rim was horribly bent. The steering rack was once again split in half and this time the passenger side mount had been ripped off the cross member. The brake line was destroyed and so was the CV axle and the bleeder valve on the brake caliper. I knew that I needed my dad. We had just gone through this and we knew how to fix it and how to trailer it. But he was 500… read more »

Front Runner Expander Chair

People love new features on their products. Each year manufacturers of every type and class make just enough changes on their products to make consumers think they HAVE to have it, Apple anyone? While I’d like to think our industry is exempt, it may be the biggest offender of all. Want a ten-room tent with cup holders in the walls, screened front porch, and skylights? They’ve got it. Need an oven or deep fryer at your camp? No problem. How about… read more »

A Budget Overlander, Forester Part III: Kitting It Out

The first time I packed up the Forester for an overnight camping trip the rear end sagged down to the bump stops, it clearly wasn't the kind of "truck" I'm used to driving. Building this car has been a long lesson in keeping things simple and light. Though Subarus are built like Legos, modifications and cargo have to be carefully planned out to maintain a good balance between weight, handling, and power. Mechanical Upgrades The Forester's brakes are adequate out of the box, but if… read more »

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