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Expedition Portal Project: Range Rover Sport – Final Report

Almost one year ago, I sat in Dallas Texas staring at a white Range Rover Sport for sale. Owned by a mother of two and sitting atop 20" wheels with low profile tires, the car had certainly done its time fulfilling the Sport's stereotypical service as a soccer mobile, but all that was about to change. My goal was to turn the vehicle into the perfect combination of daily driver and back-country explorer through changes in suspension, wheels and tires,… read more »

Drive Nacho Drive: The Cost to Drive Around the World

It seems like whenever it comes up in conversation that we’ve just driven our van around the world, and that to do so took nearly three years, the first thing people say is something along the lines of “That sounds expensive!” I can see why people might think that. I mean, we used to take ten day vacations to Europe, and when we would return our bank account would sometimes be $5,000 less than when we left. There were the… read more »

Water water everywhere – Three ways to keep your phone dry.

Those of us who live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest have many names for the embarrassing wetness that envelopes us for half the year. My personal favorite is Liquid Sunshine. Even when it snows here on the left coast, it's not the dry fluffy powder of our more easterly cousins, but a thick wet heavy blanket resembling freshly poured concrete. Living in the PNW, waterproofing your gear and your self becomes second nature. We proudly talk about the technology behind… read more »

Field Tested: ICON 1000 Akorp Jacket

Let’s start with the facts: ICON 1000’s Akorp Jacket is fitted with an adjustable waist and constructed with a Highland coated canvas chassis. You stay safe with the CE level 2 certified D30 removable back protector, and CE certified shoulder and elbow impact protectors. The armor has a little room to travel so they tend to slide around. This is an easy fix with a stitch to prevent the elbows pads from moving outside of the desired location. Initially they’re… read more »

Tracing Australia’s Remote Qld/NT Border

Standing on the crest of a raw red dune I was straining my eyes to catch a glimpse – any glimpse, no matter how small – of a marker or post that indicated the present day border of the Northern Territory and Queensland. We were just under 113km (exactly 70 miles) directly north of Poeppel Corner, where the borders of South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland come together in the sea of sand that is the Simpson Desert. Over 120… read more »

Land Rover Announces Three Limited Edition Defenders

Say what you will about Land Rover, you cannot deny the brand for having panache. When they wanted to test their diesel-hybrid Range Rovers, they did so by driving the length of the Silk Trail over the Himalayas. To commemorate their Continental Divide trip they repeated the journey again in their pinnacle product, the Range Rover. They crossed the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia in record breaking time in a Rangie Sport and the list just goes on and on.… read more »

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