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For Sale: 1997 Defender Beach Runner

This 1997 Defender 110 started its life as a 90. In 2013 Copley Motors outside of Boston, MA performed a frame off resto/mod and transformed the 90 into a 110 Beach Runner. The current owner bought the truck sight unseen from Copely in 2014, but was unimpressed with the quality of the work performed when the truck was delivered. This truck was then stripped back down to the galvanized frame and rebuilt using only Land Rover OEM parts, from the… read more »

Overland Expo 2016 Embraced by the East Coast

Overlanding appreciates wide open spaces to roam and explore. So, it’s not surprising that overlanding in the United States first gained popularity on the vast expanses of the West and Southwest. However, it is clear that the rest of the country wants to be included as well. This year’s Overland Expo East, held October 7-9 at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina hosted an enthusiastic audience who came from as far north as Canada, all along the eastern seaboard… read more »

The ExPo Shirts and Howlers Are Back!

Winter is coming, and that means the holidays are right around the corner. Whether that means purchasing gifts for yourself or others, or just celebrating the approach of many great snow runs, this new shirt and howler are perfect for the occasion. Our new design features a lightweight 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton that is both soft and durable. Wear it during summer for a cool alternative to heavier shirts, or use it in winter for a comfortable bottom… read more »

Wandering In the Eastern Sierras: Part 2

  This story has been generously donated by the Explore Desert team. To read part 1, check out their original article here. To see their other adventures, check out their website here. Even with the thunderous weather the main parking lot was nearly full and a few brave souls were out walking around. The odds of getting struck by lightning and enjoying a nearly empty ghost town was a risk we were willing to take so we suited up and… read more »

First Look: Magellan eXplorist TRX7

When I first received our TRX7 sample, it appeared to be a fine product with a design mission I could get behind. Aimed at the off-road enthusiast, that’s me, I assumed it would have a few nice bells and whistles, but admit I didn’t expect such a comprehensive navigational system. It’s far more than just a dash-mounted GPS unit. Available in three different kits, all with the same main unit, our’s arrived with a RAM dash mount for 4x4 users.… read more »

Head to Head: Refrigerator or cooler

Every few months, with almost clockwork precision, a discussion pops up on the Expedition Portal forums pitting the virtues of the refrigerator against the time-tested ice chest. Which is better is not an easily answered question. As we tenuously approach a verdict, it is important that we understand everything we can about coolers and fridges. The modern cooler is produced in a multitude of variations using materials as basic as styrofoam to stainless steel and now rotary molded plastic. The… read more »

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