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The All-New Volkswagen California

Some things in life are just not fair. It’s a fact of life. Often we find ourselves peering over the proverbial fence seeking greener pastures and wondering why we were once again picked last for dodgeball -a reality many of us have faced at one time or another. It seems that Volkswagen has forgotten this cruel life lesson as they have created yet another unbalanced scenario. Herein lies the VW California, a modern reincarnation of the beloved bus of yesteryear… read more »

36 Hours of Adventure: Of coyotes and mud holes

This is an odd thing to admit, but many of my best overnight adventures have started with my wife saying, “I’m having my girlfriends over tonight, do you mind?”  Of course I don’t mind. Not just because I’m a swell hubby, but it also gives me a perfect excuse to skip out for a little impromptu adventure. Before she can chill wine and slice cheese into cute little portions, I can have a motorcycle loaded and ready to kick up… read more »

Ahead of the curve: Lazer Lamps’ Long Range LED Driving Light

There's no arguing that LED light bars have made serious waves in the four-wheel drive world. Whether it's walking your way around SEMA in Las Vegas or stopping by your local 4x4 club, it seems most vehicles are decked out with at least one light bar. Unfortunately due to their size and shape, many of these products have struggled to produce the effective range of traditional HID driving lights; which is why we were excited when we bumped into Chris Armelin from Lazer lamps… read more »

Mopar Steps Up Its Game with Dana 60 Crate Axles, High Top Fenders, & Beadlock Wheels

It seems that the boys in Toledo have taken a step out of the factory, wandered the streets, and made a discovery. People with Jeeps like modifying Jeeps. With all of this new information, a plan was hatched. Mopar got to work on designing parts people actually want while keeping the price competitive. Everything from new lift kits including Fox shocks and a new driveshaft, to High top fenders that will allow the fitment of 35" tires with no lift. to bolt… read more »

The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon to Patagonia read more »

New Adventure Rider: Selecting the Proper Boots

For new adventure riders, purchasing all of the necessary gear can quickly become overwhelming. After the acquisition of the motorcycle itself, the additional outlay of cash to buy a helmet, jacket, and all the other essentials can put a tight squeeze on available funds. For many riders, properly chosen footwear fails to make the cut and improvised solutions are put to use. Hiking or work boots are the most common substitutions. There’s a good reason every rider should wear proper… read more »

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