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Editor’s Letter: Has Crowd Funded Travel Jumped the Shark?

I have always been an independent individual. I attribute it to my midwestern upbringing. My strong work ethic and sense of responsibility were hammered into me at a young age. I also remember standing in a beat up telephone booth in Barcelona, Spain when I was in my early twenties and telling my dad I had just about exhausted my travel funds. Hoping, okay hinting, for a generous gift to keep my travels rolling, his response was, “That’s a bummer.… read more »

Two Wheeled Nomad: Gigantic squiggles and serious giggles

As our wee Cessna soared a dizzy height over the Peruvian desert, just a couple of hundred miles southeast of Lima, the dull pale sameness of the rocks and sand organised and changed form. Distinct white lines gradually evolved from tan and rust-red. Strips of white crisscrossed a desert so dry that it rains less than an inch every year. Banking equally hard to the right and then left, the landscape transformed as lines took shape in simple geometric designs: trapezoids,… read more »

Where is Your Sense of Adventure?

I blame my Dad for my adventurous side. “Where’s your sense of adventure?” he would say to the doubters. He never had to say that to me. I was his little sidekick, sleeping under the sails on moonlit nights after calling my mom from south of the border somewhere to tell her that our afternoon sail got a bit extended. I scared him about to death up some mountain the time his dirt-bike broke down and I was ahead of… read more »

Day-Use Permits Proposed for White Rim and Elephant Hill

If you had your ear to the ground this past week, you probably heard the collective grumbles as thousands of overlanders bemoaned the portent of more land access restrictions, this time in Utah along the White Rim and Elephant Hill trails. Utah is a frequent battleground for access issues and since these two areas are amongst the most popular in the state, the thought of losing them immediately raised hackles. The interesting twist this time around isn’t relative to mining… read more »

Vanajeros: First Contact, First Portraits.

We had turned off the highway miles ago, following what our Garmin claimed to be a road.  Piles of red dirt were tucked to the side of sandy path no wider than the van, waiting to be packed down—a project unfinished. We were still very new at this, having just left the U.S. yesterday morning, and we were the only gringos around for miles. A day in from the first border crossing of what would be eleven more in our… read more »

Field Tested: Good To-Go Dehydrated Meals

Few things can crush an appetite as quickly as the words dehydrated food. I grew up in the 1970s in a family of hippy backpackers and remember well the first backpacker meals containing curious particulates of beef that tasted more like tree bark than anything bovine. While much has changed, and dehydrated meals are far more palatable, none are really––yummy. That is until now. No one would fault you if you hadn’t discovered Good To-Go meals as they just hit the scene last… read more »

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