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Trekking in the Sierras

Back in 1964, a small group of Jeepers got the idea of creating a fundraising event for the newly formed California Association of 4WD Clubs (CA4WDC). It would need to be a first-rate event similar to the then-famous Jeepers Jamboree on the Rubicon. Sacramento Jeepers member Ed Dunkley, an encyclopedia of knowledge on Sierra Nevada history and old mining routes, gathered a few folks and began searching for a suitable trail. The chosen route was a long-abandoned wagon road from… read more »

Overland ExPo – Through the Back Door

If you venture north beyond the bright lights of Phoenix and the sprawling cityscapes that occupy the once-tranquil Valley of the Sun, Arizona transitions from a sunbaked desert to a utopia of forested highlands. Each spring when Overland Expo sets up basecamp on Mormon Lake, near the 7,000-foot outskirts of Flagstaff, I ponder a new and interesting way to reach the event. Sure, I could hop on the interstate and be there in a jiffy, but that certainly would not… read more »

Magpul Releases a New Line of Travel Clothes

We've all seen them, the funky looking "travel" clothes floating around department stores and luggage shops. They come in an array of strange colors, can make even George Clooney look frumpy, and offer protection from sticky fingered passerbys through safety in numbers. I mean they can't possibly pick ALL of those pockets right? The truth is that many of these shirts and pants do one thing well, and that is make you look like a tourist. For this reason we… read more »

Mercedes Benz Announces New Sprinter Worker Van

These are interesting times if you follow the news out of Stuttgart. Mercedes, the brand synonymous with luxury and refinement is shifting gears and becoming decidedly more pragmatic, even utilitarian. Hot on the heels of the news of their stripped down G350D Professional G-Wagen, a model deprived of any lavish appointments, they announced this week that a spartan Sprinter will be delivered to the States. Best of all, it will be positively––cheap. Available for a paltry $33,000, the new Sprinter… read more »

Let there Be Light

It wasn’t all that long ago when the typical campsite was illuminated by little more than a fire and moonlight. The advent of the LED has radically changed how we see at night, and with every successive season new lights enter the market. There are so many lighting options available now, it is hard to know which versions are worth your hard won cash. With the camping season in full swing, I set out to evaluated some of the best… read more »

Bruder EXP-6 Trailer

One of my favorite aspects of overlanding is that your means of transportation doesn't matter as much as the journey. We all love to drool over awesome vehicles and gear, but at the end of the day some people are happiest with a small ground tent and a jet boil, while others connect with an Earth-Roamer's granite counter tops, wine cooler, and 41" tires. Neither are wrong, they are just different. The point is that there are so many ways… read more »

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