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Wunderlich Releases 2WD 1200GS

EICMA usually has a collection of the newest and coolest motorcycles around, and this years show in Milan was no exception. Everything from new Indian motorcycles and Bimota carbon cafe racers, to a 230 horsepower aprilla concept were unveiled, but it was a rather colorful GS 1200 that got our attention. Why the enthusiasm over a neon beamer? Because Wunderlich international has converted it to a 2WD. The first "two-wheeler" GS is actually a hybrid, and uses electricity to power a… read more »

The Baja Rally – Plenty of Dust, Not A Lot of Glory

Navigation racing is not something American’s are all that aware of. Tell someone about your experience racing a TSD rally, and they’ll bat their eyes and stare blankly. Talk about Rally Raids or Dakar, and they might ask you about Africa. So it makes sense that the Baja Rally, a navigation based cross-country race down Mexico’s infamous peninsula, is not a well known event…yet. Built by a man named Scotty Bloom, affectionately known on the internet as “Breauxman,” and his… read more »

Beer is Love: Ninkasi Brewing

The craft beer movement is on fire in America, and especially in the Pacific North West. Eugene, Oregon based brewery Ninkasi Brewing has been making quality craft beer since 2006, and doing things a bit different than the competition. While the company’s main focus is on creating high quality craft beer, they also consider the community, its employees and the environment as parallel priorities. Ninkasi also believes in supporting grass roots sports, events and lifestyles which “perpetuate better living.” I… read more »

Roof tent or Ground tent? An important Question for Every Overlander.

On a recent expedition and TV shoot in Zambia, I used a well-respected roof tent by Ezi-Awn. And it made me think. In my travels I have used many types of roof tent, as well as many types of ground tent. The advantages and disadvantages of each type are not always obvious to travelers who have never rigged and slept in a roof tent. Which do I prefer? Which one is easier to erect, wrap up, and which type is… read more »

MSR Whisperlite Universal Backpacking Stove and Quick 2 Pot Set

  Relying on a stove handmade from a beer can fuelled by 97 per cent pharmaceutical alcohol, worked flawlessly for months on the road through the Americas.  Certainly in non-windy conditions and when circumstances permitted us to be time-rich.  However, seasons change, the weather picks up and it becomes nigh on impossible to source almost pure alcohol in various portions of Latin America.  This gave rise to a pressing need for something a little more accessible; a sustainable solution that… read more »

Inside California’s Forgotten Grasslands

Filled with hidden canyons created by the San Andreas fault and home to the only antelope in Southern California, the Carrizo Plain is a fascinating, inhospitable, alien world. And one you probably haven’t heard of, much less visited. Let’s change that. No one would ever hold it against you for not knowing that the Carrizo Plains exist. Located in Central California, halfway between San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield and directly between state highways 56 and 166, the Carrizo Plains are… read more »

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