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Understanding Weights and Ratings

When planning to tow a trailer there's more to consider than just the rated towing capacity of the vehicle. Hitch rating, tongue weight rating, payload capacity, unbraked towing capacity (if a brake controller is not installed), aftermarket accessories, cargo, and passengers all affect the maximum trailer weight that a vehicle can safely tow. Adding to the confusion, manufacturers often exaggerate the tow ratings they give their vehicles in an effort to one-up the competition. Understanding how to calculate accurate values and how they'll affect handling off-pavement… read more »

Field Tested Helinox Chair One and Table

As editorial subjects go, this is one of those topics that makes me recoil. The primary reason is simple enough. There is no perfect camp chair. All of them come with their own little short comings and peccadilloes, this assuming they don’t outright stink from the get-go. Hand me a chair to review, and in return I’ll give you a dubious glare. Want to add insult to injury, pair that chair with a folding table. That is unless, we're talking… read more »

Kakadu BushRanger SE

We departed this year's Overland Expo with the newest member of the Kakadu Camping family in tow: the untested BushRanger SE. Our first destination was southern Utah, where we spent 11 days slogging through mud, fording streams, and bracing against wind storms. Next we turned south, to pull the trailer over the granite-strewn trails of northern Arizona. What's our impression after two weeks on the road with the Kakadu BushRanger SE? Read on... The Trailer At first glance the trailer might look very familiar, and it… read more »

Baja Tested: REV’IT! Sand II Jacket and Pants

REV'IT! calls it the Sand II suit, and given that handle, where better to evaluate it than Baja. Although our recent foray into Mexico appeared to be little more than a boy’s boondoggle, it was playing hooky with a purpose. Prior to leaving, we had amassed a pile of premium products we planned to test in the harsh environs of Baja’s backcountry. Topping that pile was Revit’s most popular adventure riding suit, the Sand II.   For the sake of full… read more »

The Carson/Tahoe Moto Event

Once the secret gets out, I think the organizers of the Carson/Tahoe Moto event will eventually have to limit attendees; the motorcycle riding opportunities in this part of the country are that good. Northwestern Nevada and the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains offer a mix of paved and unpaved roads, expansive high-desert views, forested mountains and high passes. If it’s too warm for you in the valleys, just ride up a mountainside. Minden Nevada, to Walker California, the fun way Last… read more »

Featured Vehicle: Equipt Outfitter’s Toyota 4Runner

It’s often overlooked as a viable option for the avid overlander. It also won our coveted Overland SUV of the Year award without breaking a sweat. I am of course speaking of the venerable Toyota 4Runner. While countless hordes wax poetic about the virtues of the Land Cruiser in its many forms, the most sought after examples priced into the stratosphere or outright unavailable, the 4Runner stands stalwart, ready for adventure.   You have most likely seen the above 4Runner… read more »

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