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Conqueror Off Road Campers Now Available in North America

In the last few years the North American trailer market has exploded. A dozen new manufacturers have entered the fray and existing brands are expanding their offerings with each successive season. Just when it appeared things had reached a saturation point, another trailer option entered the mix––but with a twist. The latest entry in the North American trailer market is no upstart or hobby business housed in someone’s garage. For over 25 years, Conqueror Off Road Campers has provided overlanders… read more »

Buyers Guide: Portable Fridge-Freezers

Fridge freezers are by far one of the most welcomed additions to any overlanding kit. They absolutely change the way you eat in the back country and can raise your culinary game to the next level. True, you can certainly live without one, but once you take the plunge you’ll wonder why you didn’t break the ice leash sooner. There are several advantages, and very few disadvantages to switching from a cooler to a fridge/freezer. However, we won’t be arguing… read more »

Living with the Maggiolina Extreme Tent

I have never been bashful on my dislike of roof top tents. Sure, I love the image of a Defender camped with one in the Serengeti, or the romance of a cross-continent expedition; but my main beef has always been in regards to vehicle dynamics when I’m not on some adventure. I felt that ruining my daily commute for occasional camping trips just wasn’t worth it. When Overland Journal started testing a few hard shell roof tents last summer, I… read more »

Trail Tested: Salewa Alp Flow Mid GTX

Despite their legacy as one of Europe’s premier manufacturers of climbing hardware and apparel, the Salewa brand is a relative newcomer to the footwear market. That doesn’t mean their boots and shoes have not become extremely popular with the adventure set since their release in 2005. I have personally seen them in action all over the world, from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the heights of the Himalayas and Andes. And with that, here comes a confession. This… read more »

“New” Defenders from the East Coast

For many people the rugged and capable vehicles that built Land Rover's rich heritage have become just that, heritage. Camel Trophy trucks no longer push and wade their way through the depths of foreign jungles, and the rows of machines that once rattled Defenders off the Solihull lines have finally fallen silent.  It would seem that those loyal to the green oval have been relegated to the leather clad luxury machines which wear the badge today; but for a select few that possess a… read more »

Yakima Announces SkyRise, Their Entry into the RTT Market

No one is more aware of the uptick in roof top tent popularity than the Overland International editorial team. We’ve spent the last several years evaluating over a dozen different tents from as many manufacturers. And now there is one more tent entering the mix. Yakima, one of the largest rack manufacturers in the world, has just released their own roof sleeper called the SkyRise. Like many longtime ground tent users, I often wondered why manufacturers of roof top tents… read more »

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