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Adventure Concept: Mini Cooper Adventure

Since its initial release its modern form, the Mini Cooper seems to generate big ideas. Some come to fruition and roll into the market place. Others, like this concept project as envisioned by young apprentices and their mentors at BMW in Munich, are just creative exercises, examples of what could be done if they cared to do so. Starting with a Mini Cooper S Pacemen as the base platform, they set out to create a pint-sized adventure mobile with as… read more »

Pat Callinan: Revisiting one of Australia’s Overland Firsts

Pat Callinan is not a name that many of you US folks would have heard much about in your travels. His name in Australia however is synonymous with the 4WD industry.  Pat has been in the industry for many years but more recently he has started his own TV series and Magazine. Pat Callinan's 4x4 Adventures started in the form of a TV series in 2008, and in 2011 he started a magazine to go with it. His goal for both… read more »

The Lada Niva

The year was 1977. President Carter had just been inaugurated, Porsche released the venerable 928, The Clash dropped their first album, and James Bond played cat and mouse with the KGB in The Spy Who Loved Me. This was the height of the Cold War with the portent of nuclear doom hanging over the world like the Sword of Damocles. Soviets and Americans competed for dominance in everything from the build up of arms to space travel and Olympic sports.… read more »

Long Term Test: MSR Dragonfly Stove

Not too long ago while sorting through boxes of old backcountry gear in my basement, I came across a battered and dented MSR fuel bottle. I recognized it immediately as one I had misplaced years earlier and determined the fuel sloshing around in that bottle was exactly twelve and a half years old. Curious if vintage white gas would still burn, I grabbed my MSR Dragonfly and set out to make some fire.   The MSR Dragonfly, particularly mine, is… read more »

Understanding Weights and Ratings

When planning to tow a trailer there's more to consider than just the rated towing capacity of the vehicle. Hitch rating, tongue weight rating, payload capacity, unbraked towing capacity (if a brake controller is not installed), aftermarket accessories, cargo, and passengers all affect the maximum trailer weight that a vehicle can safely tow. Adding to the confusion, manufacturers often exaggerate the tow ratings they give their vehicles in an effort to one-up the competition. Understanding how to calculate accurate values and how they'll affect handling off-pavement… read more »

The Trucks of Iceland

It is one of the last unspoiled landscapes on earth. Home to volcanoes, glaciers, and hundreds of miles of remote backroads, Icelanders rely on vehicles like few others to explore this tiny island nation. In a short three week visit, I managed to photograph only a handful of these ubiquitous adventure mobiles. Many are used to ferry tourists into the remote corners of the interior. Hundreds are available for rent if you dare to brave the fee. Several were brought… read more »

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